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January 31, 2023

Satu Mare hosts Sathmarer Oktoberfest, after model of Munich famous festival

A new edition of Sathmarer Oktoberfest, after the model of the famous festival in Munich, has begun in Satu Mare on Saturday, with over 400 kg of German sausages and 700 liters of beer from Germany available for the locals.

The first beer barrel was opened, according to the tradition, by a representative of the local administration, who used a wooden hammer. The task went to the President of the Satu Mare County Council, Pataki Csaba, who also drank the first beer.

“I am glad that there is this initiative in our county, the Swabians here keep the tradition from their home and bring colour to our daily life with such a festival. Traditionally, the mayor places the spigot and the region president drinks the first draft. Today, I played two roles, as the mayor of Satu Mare is away these days to attend the Days of the City Ujgorod of Ukraine. The second first is that there have been traditional tools, the wooden hammer, the alloy spigot, a massive wood barrel with a double tap. I don’t complain, I have managed to open it after all, to the people’s delight. It is a holiday devoted to the tradition of drinking beer, and beer makes all participants joyful,” Pataki Csaba said.

President of the Satu Mare German Democratic Forum (FDG) Ioan Leitner, the main organiser, said that this event aims to promote German culture in the city.

“The first Oktoberfest took place in the period 13 – 17 October in Munich, on the occasion of the marriage between Prince Ludwig and Princess Terezia, this folk festival has become the most popular in the world, with over 6 million people participating in it at present. The Oktoberfest of Munich lasts two weeks and covers a 31-hectare area. The first Oktoberfest of Satu Mare took place six years ago and our Oktoberfest lasts two days. By organising this Oktoberfest, FDG wants to promote German culture and implicitly the culture of German Swabians of Satu Mare. Satu Mare is a multicultural city, we want to have a good time with a good German beer, with German traditional foods and a traditional strudel specific to Satu Mare Swabians,” Ioan Leitner said.

Until Sunday evening, the Schwab House of Satu Mare hosted a military band concerts, and the locals had  the possibility to taste beer from Germany, with sausages, pretzels and strudel, all German specific foods.

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