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June 30, 2022

Senate Judiciary Committee: Negative opinion on request to have Viorel Ilie’s immunity lifted

The Judiciary Committee of the Senate issued a negative opinion on the request to lift the immunity of Minister for the Relation with Parliament Viorel Ilie in view of a criminal probe.

“Following the examination of the General Prosecutor’s Office request, the examination of evidence, the hearing of Mr Ilie Viorel Ilie and the debates within the Judiciary Committee, the committee has decided, with seven votes against and four in favour, not to recommend the Senate plenum to lift Viorel Ilie’s immunity. This isn’t a for-or-against vote. The holder of that action is the Senate plenum,” chair of the Judiciary Committee Robert Cazanciuc announced.

In her turn, PNL Senator Iulia Scantei stated that the Judiciary Committee’s vote probably anticipates the vote in the Senate plenum and will in fact result in the blocking of a juridical procedure.

“I’ve reiterated for my Judiciary Committee colleagues the fact that we, both within the Judiciary Committee and the Senate plenum, are not saying and not judging whether the guilty act noted by the Prosecutor General’s Office meets the elements of a crime. We are not the ones to declare whether Minister Viorel Ilie is guilty or innocent of the things the Prosecutor’s Office has noted. What the Senate must do (…) is be an active part and not an obstructive element within a juridical procedure. We should have said only that we agree and we demand the criminal probe so that this dossier (…) ends up on the table of a judge that would decide,” Scantei stated.

Minister-delegate for the Relation with Parliament Viorel Ilie (ALDE) was heard by the Senate’s Judiciary Committee two weeks ago, in order for the committee to draft its report on the DNA’s request to have his immunity lifted. Before journalists, he claimed his complete innocence. His lawyer, present at the hearings, stated that the prosecutors’ request is “completely baseless.”

On August 25, the DNA asked the Prosecutor General to ask the Senate to lift the immunity of Minister for Relation with Parliament Viorel Ilie, in order for him to be criminally prosecuted for instigating the crime of using – directly or indirectly – confidential information or of giving unauthorised persons access to such information, a guilty act allegedly committed in the exercise of his ministerial office. According to prosecutors, the minister is suspected, alongside three ministry employees, of “rigging” a competition for the hiring of civil servants on contract-based offices, so that certain candidates preferred by the ministry’s leadership would win the offices at the expense of others.


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