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January 21, 2022

Gov’t sitting. Tudose’s new warning for Transport Ministry: “You’ll all go home”

During the Government meeting on Wednesday, Premier Mihai Tudose asked Ninel Cercel, secretary of state within the Transport Ministry, what is the stage of the preparations for winter. Then, he issued a warning: if traffic is hampered by snow all the employees of the ministry led by Razvan Cuc will be sacked.

“Mister secretary of state, winter is coming, the famous line from a popular film. Are you ready?” Premier Tudose asked the Transport Ministry’s secretary of state.

Ninel Cercel replied that the ministry “is in the process of preparing.”

“I see, and when will you be done with this preparation? You think there’s a chance to do so by March or so?” the Premier replied.

Afterward, Premier Tudose warned the secretary of state that the whole ministry led by Razvan Cuc will be sacked unless traffic is not impeded by snow.

“I’m telling you very honestly. In the first 12 hours after the snowstorm, unless traffic is unimpeded, you’ll all go home. Including the one in charge of aviation,” Tudose emphasised.

Another tense moment between the Head of Government and Transport Ministry representatives occurred on August 18. Back then, the criticism was levelled directly on Transport Minister Razvan Cuc, Tudose expressing his dissatisfaction with the losses registered by Tarom, CFR Freight and CFR Passengers, but also with the fact that people designated to verify the stage of works on various sections of expressway did not visit the sites.


PM Tudose: Education Minister has meetings with his Ukrainian counterpart; we try to defuse the situation


Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced on Wednesday that Minister of National Education Liviu Pop is currently having meetings with his Ukrainian counterpart, trying to defuse the situation regarding the promulgation of Ukraine’s Education Law.

“Minister Pop is attending meetings with his Ukrainian counterpart, there. We are trying to defuse the situation, trying to find a solution for the Romanian children and I understand that, together with Mrs Minister Pastirnac, you are working on a way to make more scholarships reach, if possible, the Romanian children,” PM Tudose said in the beginning of the Government sitting, addressing Secretary of State with the National Education Ministry (MEN) Gigel Paraschiv.

In her turn, Minister for Romanians Abroad Andreea Pastirnac stated that “an educational package” will be offered to pupils who are studying in the Romanian language in Ukraine.

“We continue discussions together with the colleagues of the Education Ministry and the Foreign Affairs Ministry and we are about to offer an educational package to pupils who are learning in the Romanian language in Ukraine, and to support the training of Romanian language teachers and of other subjects which are taught in the Romanian language, in Romania. We hope that after our colleague’s talks in Kiev today we come come up with a concrete proposal next week,” Pastirnac stated.

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