Tutuianu on resignation from MoD: Reproaches weren’t sufficiently substantiated

Former Defence Minister Adrian Tutuianu stated for Digi24 private broadcaster that the reproaches levelled against him, which resulted in his resignation, were not sufficiently substantiated. He pointed out that he wrote his resignation after PM Mihai Tudose told him that he made a mistake, that he caused grave PR damage and that the party’s president is asking him to leave. Tutuianu stated nobody was born a minister and nobody holds office for life. When asked if that goes for party presidents too, he admitted the same reasoning is applicable to them too.

“I left because I received a reproach which, personally, I consider insufficiently substantiated, but I didn’t want to hold on to the chair, to the office. The moment Premier Tudose told me that I made a mistake and I caused grave PR damage – he also said the party’s president is asking me to leave –, I demanded a piece of paper, I wrote my resignation; I repeat, I’m a man that has a lot of dignity and I don’t accept someone treading on me,” Adrian Tutuianu said.

Asked whether he felt treaded-on at that moment, he said he felt “wronged.”

“The following day, I had a phone conversation (with Liviu Dragnea – editor’s note). He wanted us to clarify some things, I told him I don’t want to have a conversation with anyone at this moment,” Adrian Tutuianu pointed out.

He claimed that there is “certain tension in the system,” “certain internal pressure” that called for the issuance of the communique on the payment of salary and food rights that represent approximately half of the monthly incomes.

Asked whether he would have wanted to benefit from the same treatment the party applied in the case of ministers Sevil Shhaideh and Rovana Plumb, Tutuianu answered: “I would have wanted to benefit from a more consistent discussion on this topic. If everyone was clarified, I could have clarified it for you, the press, too. Nobody was born a minister and nobody stays for life.”

In what concerns the way the same principle applies to party presidents, Adrian Tutuianu stated: “Nobody [was born party president] and nobody stays forever. A politician must know a little bit of history. I like history and I’m telling you all that nobody is immortal.”


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