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June 26, 2022

TVR’s management was dismissed by the Parliament. Doinea Gradea, the new interim General Manager: Colleagues from TVR express political opinions in the online environment; I don’t like this, they must be unbiased

The joint plenum of the two Chambers rejected on Wednesday, with 203 “pros” and 74 “cons”, the activity report of the management of the Romanian National Television Broadcasting Corporation (SRTV) for the year 2016, and the Board of Directors was consequently dismissed.

The President and the General Manager (PDG) of the Romanian national Television Broadcasting Corporation (SRTV), Irina Radu, dismissed on Wednesday, after the activity report of the public television broadcasting corporation has been rejected by the joint plenum of the Parliament, stated that she doesn’t know what the reason of this rejection was, since she didn’t receive any explanation.

“I don’t know why (the activity report was rejected – e.n.). I didn’t receive any explanation” Irina Radu stated for News.ro.

Last week, Irina Radu stated, in the joint session of the culture committees that issued the negative opinion for the institution’s report for the year 2016, that she believes that the institution has honorably met the difficulties in that year, in which the TVR debts reached EUR 150 million.

“It was a very difficult year (2016 – e.n.) (…) We are talking about this report in the circumstance in which it was the last year with financing from the TV fee, it was a year in which SRTv’s debts reached around EUR 150 million, it was a year in which there have been high difficulties with the money for production, with the lack of financing for shows, and yet I believe we faced these difficulties honorably” Irina Radu mentioned.

The interim TVR General Manager, Doinea Gradea, stated on Wednesday, after being voted by the joint plenum for this position, that she doesn’t like that the journalists of the public television express political opinions in the online environment, and said that they must be unbiased.

Asked about what she doesnt like at TVR, Gradea answered: “I don’t like that people, my colleagues from TVR, have political opinions on one side or the other. We must be unbiased, as journalists, all of the journalists must be, but especially those who work at the public Television”.

“This is not reflected on the TV channel. I appreciate that TVR news are the most correct, I like TVR news, but the options they express in the online environment are part of the statute of the TVR journalist, and for this reason, I personally do not agree that journalists, wherever they work, express they political opinion. They must be unbiased” Gradea added, mentioning that she has no connection with the politics, on the contrary.

“I am a professional, I am saying it without modesty” Gradea pointed out.

She mentioned that she would like not to exist anymore TV shows with zero rating broadcasted by TVR.

“I don’t want to decide to remove them until we identify which are the problems with those TV shows. There are TV shows with a very low rating, close to zero, and this must not happen anymore. When your rating is almost zero, it means nobody is watching you, or possibly only the members of your family are” Gradea also said.

Previously, Doina Gradea’s candidacy was unanimously approved by the joint Culture Committees.


Parliament votes the new SRR Board of Directors, Georgica Severin is the new President of the Board


The joint plenum of the Senate and Deputies’ Chamber voted on Wednesday, with 233 “pros” and 24 “cons”, the appointment of Georgica Severin, who was the interim Manager of the institution since April until today, as the President of the Board of Directors of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation.

The new Board of Directors of SRR was voted with 310 “pros” and 11 “cons”.

Previously, Georgica Severin’s candidacy was unanimously approved by the joint Culture Committees.

Severin was appointed as the interim manager of SRR in the context in which the joint plenum of the Parliament rejected the activity reports of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting Corporation for the years 2015 and 2016, which led to Ovidiu Miculescu’s dismissal.


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