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October 28, 2021

Senate’s Tariceanu: Iohannis is championing this corrupt power system in Romania

The head of state, Klaus Iohannis is the one “championing a corrupt power system”, by turning a blind eye to the malfunctions of the functioning of the institutions that make up the rule of law in Romania, on Thursday said the Senate’s President Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

“As we speak, in Romania we have grave deficiencies as regards the functioning of the bodies making up the rule of law. Incredible abuses are brought to the public attention by the media (…), there are people who have taken their heart as they say and started to come to confess the avatars they came through or the wrongdoings taking place in the institutions they used to work and the president turns a blind eye and says “I don’t see these things.” He obviously sees them, but doesn’t want to admit them because the situation is useful to him. Eventually, he is the one who champions this corrupt power system in Romania,” Tariceanu told a news conference at the Senate.

Asked on how he sees the president’s statements according to which those who have problems with the law should not be part of the Government, Tariceanu said that Iohannis is a political person, too who has enjoyed the benefit of the doubt when elected President of Romania.

“When hearing these statements I often have the feeling that among us, it’s a revelation so to say, that among us the Holy Spirit has descended and gives us, the sinners, a piece of advice. We, the sinners, we are political persons and the Holy Spirit is giving us a piece of advice. I believe that the President forgets that he is a political persons like all of us. The second thing he forgets is that for each and every one the benefit of the doubt is functioning, and that he enjoyed that benefit of the doubt when elected President of Romania,” Calin Popescu-Tariceanu stressed.

The Senate President also accused the head of state that the latter wishes that the “current Government is destroyed” and replaced with a technocratic government in the 2019 presidential elections perspective.

“At some point we could wake up with such requests on various government decisions for all of the Gov’t members. I’m wondering if the matter would not convene mostly to Mr. President, that the current Gov’t is destroyed, the Prime Minister basically be compelled to resign and wake up once again with a technocratic government, because the 2019 presidential election are knocking at the door. If until yesterday, the day before yesterday perhaps we had certain tiny doubts that this is the plan he is after, today after the today and the two days’ ago statements, I have no doubt in my mind. The President is digging hard to the foundation of this government, which is the parliamentary majority and hopes to ruin it,” Tariceanu concluded.


“I haven’t seen any increase in fuel prices; I know about some price increases or decreases”


Senate Chairman Calin Popescu-Tariceanu said on Thursday he had not seen any increase in fuel prices after reintroducing the excise duty.

Asked if the ruling coalition was discussing the wave of price increases announced on Thursday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS), Tariceanu replied: “The INS has said that it was coming, but I did not see any increase in fuel prices. Some price increases or decreases have occurred. I do not know if you have a car, do you go to the gas station to buy gasoline or diesel? No. It’s a shame, because I do. There are some very big price differences, as high as 10 percent between prices charged by distribution networks and those charged by filling stations, for example in Bucharest, other areas of the country, in Bucharest and outside cities, so what are we talking about? ”

He added that given the circumstances, the coalition did not discuss the issue.

“We have not talked about it. What’s there to talk about? If oil prices rise, there will be more predictable price increases, if they decline, there will probably be no price cuts, because oil companies increase their profit margins in such instances. This is a market economy,” Tariceanu said.


Presidential  Spokesperson Dobrovolschi: Tariceanu, out of touch with economic reality


Presidential spokesperson Madalina Dobrovolschi on Thursday commented recent statements by Chairman of the Romanian Senate, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu on fuel prices, saying about him that he is “out of touch with economic reality.”

“He seems simply out of touch with reality, even with economic reality, which is very strange for a former prime minister. For example, he tells us plainly that the fuel prices have remained unchanged after the excise duty was reintroduced. Mr Tariceanu, you can find out the truth simply by asking any Romanian, any citizen who have bought fuel these days and who had to take more money out of their pockets,” Dobrovolschi told journalists at the Cotroceni Presidential Palace.

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