Plumb: Belina file, an attack on Gov’t, PSD to destabilise rule of law, constitutional order

Embattled Minister-delegate for European Funds Rovana Plumb said on Thursday, after studying the case file sent by prosecutors to the Judiciary Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, that she did not violate the law and that the file “is an attack aimed at destabilising the rule of law and constitutional order.”

“I have seen the file, I cannot give you any details therein, but I can say in all firmness and sincerity that I am not guilty, that I did not violate the law – both government decisions were issued in compliance with the law. I think this is an attack on the government, an attack on the Social Democratic Party (PSD), I think it is an attack to destabilise the rule of law and the constitutional order. I will come before the Judiciary Committee and give my opinion,” Plumb said, upon leaving the office of the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, where she was accompanied by a lawyer.

Asked if the Belina file affects the government’s image, Plumb said no, but that is what had been attempted.

“I think the Belina file does not affect it, probably that is what had been attempted,” Plumb said, reiterating that he would not resign from the Cabinet because she did not violate any law.

She said that each of her parliamentary colleagues “will vote as their conscience dictates.”

Plumb also said that she did not have a private discussion with Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on this issue. “All the talks we have had on this subject were conducted only inside the National Standing Bureau; talks with Prime Minister Tudose were held at government meetings, but they did not touch the subject,” she said.

The Standing Bureau of the Chamber of Deputies decided on Wednesday to send to the Judiciary Committee a request from the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA) for the criminal prosecution of PSD MP Rovana Plumb.

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