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February 4, 2023

President Iohannis: There is need of new negotiation on justice laws with the justice system

President Klaus Iohannis on Friday stated, in Tallinn, where he pays an official visit, that in respect to the modification of the Justice laws there is need of a new negotiation on their content with the justice system.

Thus, the head of the state said the Supreme Council of Magistrates’ (CSM) rejection of the proposal of the Justice Minister regarding the modification of the Justice laws should trigger a lot of thinking for the initiators.

“This is not about the answer of some people from the CSM, for you know very well that there were meetings held with almost all the magistrates, to discuss this. Which is why I believe that this is the result of a process in which the entire justice system got involved. That’s why I don’t think that such a simplistic answer as they gave, that they are against the reform, is an adequate answer in such situation. My opinion is that they should go back to the text and renegotiate its content and see how to build from here. Because, if they even want to reform the system, they should do it together with the system. At least in my opinion it is unconceivable to carry out a reform of the system against the system. This would be a big mistake,” claimed the President.

When asked whether these projects should be withdrawn, Klaus Iohannis stated: “In my opinion, there is need of a new negotiation on the content with the justice system for people there are highly qualified, they are magistrates who know the system and know the laws. That’s why we do not speak of such people who do not know the content, for they know it very well, and I think that it would be wise to go back to the text and discuss everything with the system,” said the head of state.


“People voice worries on certain developments that might contradict idea of rule of law”


Romania’s President Klaus Iohannis on Friday said he has received in Tallinn a series of opinions regarding worries on certain developments that might come into contradiction with the idea of rule of law.

The head of state was on Friday attending the informal reunion of the European Council on digital topics, having place in Tallinn, Estonia, and on Thursday night he was present in the informal dinner offered to the delegations’ heads by the Estonian Prime Minister, Juri Ratas, and the European Council’s President, Donald Tusk.

Although the Justice reform in certain European countries was not a topic in the formal talks, the president said that he has received these worries informally.

“You know how such meetings take place: we get there one by one and stay in the lobby for an hour and talk. And then obviously we are all politician and leaders, presidents or prime ministers. And when you meet someone: <> And there is an exchange of experience. And yes, the people have voiced worries to certain developments that perhaps would contradict the idea of rule of law,” President Iohannis said.

According to him, there is a growing interest towards Romania.

“Essentially, I have to say that this makes me happy. If Romania and the Romanians do preoccupy them, this is good for us, at least I have a feed-back that something is known about us. (…) It might only be beneficial, because I hope that any deeper knowledge of the Romanian realities will eventually lead to removing ungrounded fears. For example: the entire Schengen thematic is based on certain fears which after all could be easily disjointed if knowing the situation in Romania. We have very safe borders, much safer than the majority of the European countries and these things are good to be known. (…) I talk every time with those who show reticence and they voice their visions and I voice mine. Hopefully, easy easy we’ll find a way to solve it,” the head of state said.

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