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January 23, 2022

PSD’s Dragnea: The Romanian state pays millions of euros to private companies for inexistent work

Social Democratic leader Liviu Dragnea on Friday stated in northeastern Sucevita, where he is currently paying a visit, that Romania is losing millions of euros because of such state-owned companies being forced to pay money to some private companies for inexistent work and questioned prosecutors over their lack of involvement in such cases, which should be investigated.

He also went on to specify that CFR SA is set to pay 142 million euros “in claims” to some private companies, and even provided the media with documents in support of his affirmations.

Thus, according to one of the documents, the Italian company ASTALDI Spa summoned CFR SA to pay 71.5 million euros.

“I believe that, besides the two-three government decisions that they investigate, the prosecutors could also investigate why the Romanian state, via certain state-owned companies, must pay all this money to some private companies, usually from abroad, hundreds of millions of euros. Also, based on such court orders, they should see how is it possible that Romania pays money for such motorway and railways that do not exist, but we still pay for them. And this is not something that only happened recently, I’m talking of years and years. You will have all the information you need only related to CFR SA,” said Dragnea.

“Theoretically, the Government should send this to the prosecutors, for it is not OK. I cannot afford to judge how the courts ruled something like this, but maybe we need a more serious analysis, for the Romanian state loses hundreds of millions of euros,” said Dragnea.

“In my opinion, while listening to my other colleagues, this could only happen with the complicity of the companies in question. The claims. For there has been such a thing as a specialization in claims in Romania, for years now. We do not carry out the works, but let’s find a comma in the agreement instead, which might have, possibly, been put there maybe by mutual agreement with the ones who made the agreement in the first place or the specification and we ask for money, but we do not carry out the works. This is about infrastructure works that I am talking about,” specified Dragnea


“Relations between Gov’t, Parliament not working very well”


Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated, before the party’s National Executive Committee (CEx) meeting at Sucevita, that the relation between the Government and Parliament is not working very well, this issue being due for discussion during the meeting on Friday.

At the same time, he said he would draw an analysis of the government’s activity to date.

“It is an analysis of the government’s activity from its investiture until today. We are doing much better than in the past. We are going to talk about the parliamentary activity and the relations between Government and Parliament, which do not work very well and here, there is a bigger issue in Parliament. And also about the members’ data base,” Dragnea further said.

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