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May 9, 2021

Senate’s Tariceanu to Iohannis: I see you as a power-blinded politician, like Basescu

The Senate’s President, Calin Popescu-Tariceanu accuses the President of Romania Klaus Iohannis that the latter is a “power-blinded” political person, the like of Traian Basescu, declaring himself an opponent of the “occult power system” in Romania and of Klaus Iohannis.

“I see you as a power-blinded political person (like former president Basescu), who is trying to further sell the Romanians the illusion that the cuffs’ directed show is in fact the anti-corruption fight when it is a fight against democracy and the rule of law. And yet the illusion you try to maintain is in great danger for today’s Romania. Which is why I’ll continue to unveil it and I’ll continue to act according to the liberal principles I believe in, and the citizens’ freedoms protection comes first. This makes me the opponent of the occult power system and as a consequence your opponent. Only I hope that in the future you’ll have the courage to personally sustain your viewpoints, and not through intermediaries,” Tariceanu wrote on Friday on his Facebook page.

The Senate’s President says that the head of state is worried with the Romanians’ fate only when he likes it, to criticise the current Gov’t.

According to Tariceanu, Iohannis became a beneficiary of an occult power system, its champion, with the goal to ensure himself a second mandate to Romania’s residency.

“What seems to me way much serious, because it has to do with the constitutional responsibilities you’ve got, is the encouragement of the abuses and excesses of an occult power system at the force institutions’s level. In the past, you were only satisfied with being the beneficiary of these excesses and abuses, when in an undemocratic manner you have installed your Government. Now, from beneficiary you have become the champion of this system and its main advocate. Why’s that? It’s simple: because it is the only way you consider you would win the second mandate. You showed all Romanians that you’ve failed in choosing the Ciolos Government, which represented a disaster for Romania, generated by incompetence and ill-will. Then, you’ve shown you’ve failed in reforming your party, too. All the Romanians remember when you were encouraging the parties to bring new, “clean” people, meaning obedient pawns of the occult power system. The PNL has played as the president wanted it and harvested an electoral disaster in 2016. Two scathing failures, following which you’ve remained to sell the Romanians one single illusion: of the anti-corruption fight,” Tariceanu says.

“The big problem is that the illusion you try to keep alive is commencing to unweave, and you pedal in the vacuum, detached from the Romanians’ reality and from what they want. Most of the Romanians want the abuses and excesses in the judiciary to cease, that the anti-corruption fight is not used anymore as a screen for the elimination of the political opponents. Most of the Romanians want that the DNA head defies the Parliament no more and say publicly the truth about the 2009 presidential elections night. As regards all of these essential aspects for Romania’s future, you are against the Romanians’ opinion. Most of the Romanians and more and more honest magistrates want a reformed judiciary,” Tariceanu says, reaffirming his support to the Justice laws proposed by Justice Minister Tudorel Toader.

The Senate’s President believes that the head of state is upset because through these laws the latter couldn’t appoint anymore the Justice heads – The Prosecutor’s Office and the National Anticorruption Directorate (DNA) -, thus diminishing his power and political influence.

“What really bothers you to these laws is the fact that you won’t be able anymore to decide, as a politician, who will be the heads of the Prosecutor’s Office and DNA. More precisely, you are bothered because you will have less power and political influence. It’s true, there will be less well for you, but it will be much better for the judiciary, which will have an additional chance to get healed. This way, the power will not stay anymore in the pen of a single person, and the election of the heads of these structures will be accomplished after debates and vote within the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM). Moreover, I deem that additional legislative initiatives are needed, so that we make sure that the Romanians’ rights and freedoms are observed. Those rights and freedoms you are willing to tread so you could win a second mandate. There are laws I will advocate as it is the one regarding the establishment of an independent agency that will guarantee that no abuse could happen again in wiretapping citizens’ phones,” Tariceanu explains.

The President of the Senate also tells Klaus Iohannis that the two of them are on “irremediable opposite” positions.

“I’m backing democracy, the citizens’ rights and freedoms. You’re backing an occult power system and turn a blind eye to abuses. I sustain a strong Parliament. You sustain a Parliament subordinated and controllable through the cuffs’ televised show,” mentions Calin Popescu-Tariceanu.

Tariceanu’s assertions come after Thursday’s affirmations when he told president Iohannis that the latter is championing the occult system of Romania and is attacking the current gov’t to replace it with a technocratic Executive instead. Subsequently, the spokeswoman of President Iohannis, Madalina Dobrovolschi told Calin Popescu-Tariceanu that the head of state wishes the Government to have good results for Romania.

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