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May 17, 2022

The informal reunion of the European Council in Tallinn: President Iohannis highlights the importance of the digital strategy for the Internal Market of the European Union

The recent cyber attacks against Europe have triggered including some perturbation of economic activities, which led to substantial financial losses, President Klaus Iohannis stated in Tallinn, where he held a speech at the informal reunion of the European Council, focusing mainly the digital future of Europe.

According to the Presidential Administration, Klaus Iohannis also highlighted the necessity that the education and training system prepare the citizens of the Union to acquire the necessary digital skills, in order to be able to deal with the challenges and changes of the present and future society.

During his speech, President Iohannis insisted on the need of maintaining the unity of the European projects, as well as of approaching together the different initiatives that were or are about to be launched. He also underscored that, ahead of the upcoming elections for the European Parliament, there is need of identifying the adequate solutions, so that the European citizen can get closer to Brussels.

During the talks, the Romanian president approached the importance of the digital strategy for the Internal Market of the European Union and also underlined the fact that the single digital market must focus on the main basic principles: ensuring cyber security, increasing usage of efficient public digital services focused on users, boosting digital capabilities of citizens and companies.

In what the role of digital economy is concerned, the head of state said that it is essential for the good functioning of the Internal Market of the Union and it will allow consumers, including those who are living in areas less accessible, remote or peripheral, to benefit from a broad range of option in terms of digital products and services.

Moreover, the President underscored the importance of ensuring a free flow of non-personal data in the European Union, as an essential condition for the success of the implementation of the digital agenda of the Union.


Iohannis proposes informal summit at Sibiu in 2019


The progresses recorded by Romania in digitization were highlighted in Tallinn, Estonia by President Klaus Ioahnnis, who launched the invitation for an informal Summit to be organised in central Sibiu, in 2019, on a subsequently decided-upon topic.

“A theme important to us, too is the digitization of the public services, of the services offered by the central, local administrations, in a nutshell a field where everybody wishes to find improvement methods. And I can tell you that Romania is among the ones with best performances. I used the opportunity of this summit to take over a challenge launched by President Juncker in his speech referring to the state of the Union and I’ve launched after a talk with the President of the European Council Donald Tusk, an invitation for 2019 to Romania, in Sibiu, to organize there an informal summit on a topic, that of course will be decided subsequently. I believe it is important that we already have now, in 2017, a very clear perspective for a summit we shall organise in 2019 when we’ll chair the Council of the Union,” Klaus Iohannis told a news conference.

According to the president, the theme debated at the Tallinn’s Summit, the single digital market, is extremely important and drew attention that it is not possible that the state develops all of the networks that are afterwards used by both the citizens and the companies, that a partnership and a tight correlation among the state, the administrations, the private businesses and the networks’ providers, is necessary.



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