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June 25, 2022

French, German Ambassadors attend the opening of the academic year at the Faculty of Law in Bucharest. “Your responsibility is huge; Europe needs you”, Michele Ramis told students. German ambassador: Judiciary themes relate to Romania’s European journey

France’s Ambassador to Romania Michele Ramis addressed on Monday the students of the Law School of Bucharest, at the university year opening ceremony, underscoring their “huge” responsibility, in the context in which they will be the “pillars” of the rule of law in the European Union.

She spoke of Romania’s positioning in a European context.

“Romania will celebrate in 2018 the Centennial of modern Romania and, in 2019, it will take over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Romania is one of the areas in Europe where the European project is deeply shared. Romania has a very strong European commitment and I believe that, in this context, it has the responsibility to promote the European model, grounded on (…) law,” the French diplomat said.

Ramis told the students they have a “huge” responsibility.

“I myself am a law school graduate and I can tell you that the Law School is the environment training judges, prosecutors, politicians, parliament members, those in charge with strengthening the rule of law in Romania. Your responsibility is huge. You are the guarantors of the separation of powers, you are responsible for the stability of the state, peace, prosperity, Europe,” France’s Ambassador pointed out.

She added that the law school graduates will be “the pillars of the rule of law construction in the European Union.”

“Europe needs you,” Michele Ramis said.


 German ambassador: Judiciary themes relate to Romania’s European journey


The current themes concerning the judiciary are related to the “political architecture” of Romania, and, moreover, to the European trajectory of Romania, German ambassador in Bucharest Cord Meier-Klodt said on Monday at the opening of the academic year at the Faculty of Law in Bucharest.

He said that his Romanian mission started with “Ordinance 13”.

“My diplomatic life in this beautiful country began in January. I realised that everything I lived here in Romania in the last month is probably the best proof of the political and social relevance of what many of you will study. Many of you might think, ‘This man is approaching a delicate subject, he’d better be very diplomatic.’ But I will not go into any detail. I do not want to take a stand, and I know that when there are so important issues being currently discussed in the country, there are many positions,” the ambassador pointed out.

He added that the January themes of justice are still echoing today.

“As I was saying, my life began with Ordinance 13 and we still have to deal each day, one way or another, with these very important topics,” he said.

According to Meier-Klodt, “these issues are not just about the judiciary, as they are very much related to the political architecture of this country.” “Whatever your opinion, it is not just the political architecture of the country, but the European trajectory in its entirety,” he pointed out.

In the opinion of the German diplomat, as far as the current debate is concerned, “it is not just about some details here and there; it is about consistency, balance of power and other issues.”

The German ambassador spoke about the role of the European partners in Romania.

“We, the European partners, are ‘stakeholders’ in this situation. We can express that very candidly. There is the CVM [Cooperation and Verification Mechanism], and there is cooperation with the European partners in hopes that this mechanism will soon end.”

Meier-Klodt also mentioned his friendship with Romania.

“We are stakeholders in a more important and general sense – we are stakeholders as very close friends of Romania’s. As everyone knows, following the latest developments, namely the “awakening ” that Brexit represented, Europe is at the crossroads in many instances and I would like to say that Europe at these times really needs ‘every man on deck,'” the diplomat said.

He described Romania as a very close partner in the context of the European Union, “a pro-European country” that has the opportunity to “make its voice heard” when it takes over the presidency of the EU Council in 2019.

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