Dragnea: Serious discussion on education system is necessary. Education reform is a never-ending story. Ponta: The hurricane “Liviu” really causes huge damages and it will not stop until 2019, when everything will be destroyed

Social Democratic Party (PSD) Chairman Liviu Dragnea stated on Monday that a serious discussion on the education system is necessary, stating that reform in this domain is “a never-ending story.”

“The question whether it’s better to revert to the single textbook or alternative textbooks should stay keeps being raised. Honestly, maybe back when we were in university we were dumber, but we had a single textbook, not for all subjects, but for one subject, and it seems engineers, economists, professors nevertheless came out, meaning people who learned thoroughly. I don’t know how much private interest there is in there being more alternative textbooks and how much private interest there is in there being those auxiliary [teaching] materials for which, from what I understand, there is nevertheless no kind of oversight,” Liviu Dragnea said in the speech he delivered at the start of the university year at the Faculty of Sciences and Engineering in Alexandria.

“And my demand for the Education Minister, since we’re still alternating the sports year, for the other colleagues from the ministry… maybe they will think seriously and maybe they will make a well-argued proposal. Likewise, maybe they will think seriously about the curricula, maybe we will lean more toward what children and parents are saying. Isn’t it the burden placed on a pupil possibly too much in terms of hours? Has anyone seriously calculated whether the number of hours may be too high and is affecting them? Because I’ve heard many professors, from both the pre-university and university system, many parents, pupils, students, who are nevertheless saying that this reform that is indeed a kind of never-ending story… I’m telling you, my son was born in ’89, so he had the opportunity to experience all the reforms since the Revolution, absolutely all,” the Lower House Speaker added.

Dragnea pointed out that there has been constant talk about education reform, the reform of the system, but not a lot of talk about improving the quality of the educational act, although funds were allocated.

“Maybe with courage, the Education Ministry, teachers, pupils, students will generate a discussion on how the Romanian education system should look like. Because I’m telling you in all honesty – of course, I’ll generate very many comments, many “specialists,” specialising in expressing opinions, will criticise – in Romania there is the need for a serious discussion on the education system. Not a political approach, not a hot-headed approach, not a superficial approach, but a very serious discussion, in order to see, could it be that all these reforms have forgotten what the main objective of the education system is, namely the child. Could it be that all these talks with trade unions, with other Education Ministry structures, lose sight of the fact that the child and his education, his life, should be at the centre of any education policy?” the PSD leader added.

Dragnea pointed out he does not want to scold anyone, he cannot afford to criticise anyone in this field, but he had many meetings with education trade unions over the years.

“A discussion about the pupil or the student did not occur every time, on the contrary; so, I’m saying we nevertheless have the capacity to manage to put you together at the same table, in order to find what is the best way for a pupil that graduates from high school, for a student that graduates from faculty, to feel confident, because Romanians are smart. If there are Romanian students who graduated from faculty in Romania and are teaching at the Sorbonne, if there are students who graduated from faculty in Romania and are engineers at NASA and in many other places, medical doctors who are working in Europe and the U.S., and in fact all over the world, this doesn’t mean Romanians are stupid, on the contrary, they are smart, and this means each of you must no longer have any complex in tackling life, in being confident in what you have, your mind and your training,” the Lower House Speaker added.


Ponta: The hurricane “Liviu” really causes huge damages and it will not stop until 2019, when everything will be destroyed


Former PM Victor Ponta speaks in a Facebook message about “the Hurricane Liviu”, which “really causes huge damages and it will not stop until 2019, when everything will be destroyed”.

Victor Ponta went on Monday to the opening of the academic year at the University of Agronomic Sciences, posting a photo in which he is together with Sorin Cimpeanu, the Rector of the educational unit, and with the “graduate” Daniel Constantin.

He says that instead of speaking about education, we should be worried about the loan rates or the fuel prices, because “Hurricane Liviu” really causes huge damages.



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