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January 29, 2022

Hossu (Cartel Alfa): Approximately 10,000 people to protest in front of the Gov’t seat on Wednesday

Around 10,000 people will be present on Wednesday in Victoriei Square, at the protest organised, starting with 11:00 hrs, by the National Trade Union Confederation “Cartel ALFA”, the president of the Confederation, Bogdan Hossu told a press conference on Tuesday.

“We are not planning to overthrow the Government tomorrow,” said Hossu, adding that the main claims are to stop the transfer of the social taxes from employer to employee and to unlock the negotiation and the signing of collective labour contracts at all levels, based on the joint proposal to amend Law no. 62/2001 of the five trade unions submitted to the government.

The dissatisfaction of the confederation’s members also targets the uniform pay law for the public sector and the law on social dialogue.

“We are dissatisfied with Law 153/2017, the uniform pay law, and Law 62/2011, the Law of Social Dialogue. As far as the payroll is concerned, it is clear that this transfer of contributions will neutralize those 25 pct increases to the gross salaries. As for the net ones, they will be neutralized, there will be no increase. Practically, the servicemen and the police officers will not be beneficiaries of this law,” said the president of the National Trade Union of Police Officers and Contract Personnel (SNPPC), Dumitru Coarna.

In this respect, Iulica Mantescu, president of the Locomotive Drivers’ Federation of Romania, stressed that about 60 pct of the employees he represents are on minimum wage payroll.

The Vice-President of the Sanitary Solidarity Federation, Gabriel Predica also spoke about salaries, specifying that almost all employees in the health sector will have lower incomes.

“Intrinsically, there are major issues in the health system, not just that the salary level remains the same, but that for 99 pct of employees the net income will drop and I will provide examples: all employees who earn today a net income of up to 6,300 lei while at the same time receiving meal vouchers, an increase in the net income of 4 pct, as it remains of the 25 pct, with the transfer of contributions, implies 240 lei, this is the increase. Or, they are currently receiving meal vouchers and also in December 2017, worth 252 lei, so through this transfer and by removing the meal vouchers, 99 pct of the employees in the health system will lose part of their wages,” Gabriel Predica said.

Ioana Stoica, the president of the Trade Unions Federation of Community Services and Public Utilities, reported at a conference that an unskilled worker would get the same salary as a welder.

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