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December 8, 2021

Justice Minister Toader to Iohannis: Texts of judiciary law are non-negotiable. Rewriting the bills is out of the question

Justice Minister Tudorel Toader took part, alongside the U.S. Ambassador and the Education Minister, in the opening of the university year at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, whose rector – currently suspended – he was. On this occasion, Toader pointed out the judiciary laws are non-negotiable.

“The texts of bills are non-negotiable. The initiator of a legislative act, regardless of hierarchy, relates to the legislative solution, to norms of legislative procedure, and proposes a text, which ends up in Parliament where debates take place, arguments for and against, modifications, improvements of the solutions proposed by the drafters,” the Justice Minister stated.

The statement comes after the Romanian President stated last Friday that the provisions of the judiciary laws must be re-discussed with the representatives of the judiciary.

Iohannis emphasised that the CSM’s report came after a long series of consultations within the judiciary, so it cannot be considered the expression of dissatisfaction on the part of persons who oppose the reformation of the system. “It’s a simplistic answer to say they oppose the reformation of the system. (…) I find it hard to believe that the reformation of the system can be made against the system,” Iohannis stated.

He pleaded for a new negotiation on the texts of the bills, to be carried out by the Justice Ministry and the corps of magistrates. “They have to go back to the text, they have to renegotiate. (…) There is the need for a new negotiation of the contents, with the judiciary,” Iohannis added.

“The negative report issues, I’ve explained it before too. It’s a consultative report. I have certain reserves toward this consultative negative report, because in the bill the Justice Ministry has included very many of the proposals formulated by the CSM itself. That’s where most of the proposals come from. I understand, as a result, that the CSM issued a negative report on the solutions proposed by the CSM. (…) Rewriting the bill is out of the question, because it has very many solutions from the CSM. It has very many solutions for setting in line with [Constitutional] Court proposals. There’s nothing to rewrite there. We’re talking only about several solutions, points on which opinions differ. Apart from that, there is convergence. I was expecting to receive from the CSM point-by-point reports on each legislative solution, not one en masse,” Toader added.

U.S. Ambassador to Bucharest Hans Klemm attended the opening of the university year in Iasi, after previously criticising the form of the judiciary laws proposed by Tudorel Toader.

“We can’t talk about accusations. They were statements at most. I assure you of the fact that the good relations between us are not affecting the essence of the problem. We are doing our duty by the textbook, as written in law no.24/2000 on legislative procedures. I’ve invited the ambassador at the opening festivity, he gladly accepted and I’m happy. I thanked him for the fact that he came here today and for the fact that the talks we’ve had, and his visit, will consolidate the relation of cooperation, scientific and academic collaboration between our university and similar institutions in the U.S. Personally, I appreciate his visit and of course it will have positive results. (…) I was talking with the ambassador and he was asking me how he should address me: Mr Rector or Mr Minister. I told him that while I’m in Iasi I’m a suspended rector, and in Bucharest I’m Justice Minister,” Tudorel Toader added.


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