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May 29, 2022

Our team of lawyers in Romania not only speaks the languages, but also thinks German and Romanian, and “reads the minds” of our clients on both sides, says Prof. Dr. Jörg K. Menzer, Head CEE Offices Noerr

Mr. Menzer, you have been leading Noerr’s office in Romania and other CEE offices for 16 years already. How would you assess all this time from the point of view of goals assumed and achieved?

Noerr started in 1998 in Bucharest, so next year we have a 20 years anniversary. For the other CEE offices it was a shorter period, but nonetheless the years somehow add up. I’m happy to say that the assumed goals back then were definitely achieved and these certainly changed in the past years due to further growth of the teams, diversity of support domains and the further expansion of Noerr worldwide. Of course we had various hurdles to overcome but we are able to provide seamless services throughout the region. All in all, our balance sheet for the past almost  20 years is satisfying.


What do you intend to do further to consolidate Noerr Romania’s good performance and prestige on the market?

One major aspect is that we are committed to giving our clients the very best at all times. Certainly this isn’t possible 100% of the time, but we have good feed-back from our clients. This gives us strength and the confirmation that we are on the right path to consolidate our position.


How does Noerr Romania correlate its actions and integrate them in the regional strategy of Noerr CEE?

We realized that keeping existing clients while widening our portfolio with new ones needs constant and tremendous effort in each of the countries. Networking, meetings, travelling, public presence and have to be combined with professional legal duties. So we engaged in this regional approach of the CEE as a whole, and therefore we are working more and we are working late on the specific topics of our practice domains. And this pays off.


Noerr Romania has a very rich and diversified portfolio regarding the areas of practice. What are the strengths of this company in an extremely competitive law market and business environment?

As already mentioned, the high quality of our work. When it comes to lawyers, it is easy to define what legal advice consists of: familiarity with the relevant legislation in order to ensure that all aspects of a transaction are dealt with in such a manner that things happen in a compliant and commercially viable way. What is less obvious is the complexity of the process. Understanding this complexity defines one of our main strengths. Also, I am glad that our Noerr slogan (“Strong characters make strong partners”) fully applies to our teams on the ground.


What are the most important achievements of Noerr Romania accomplished so far this year and since our last discussion?

A good year for us means being able to maintain clients while acquiring new ones. Thus, we were able to advise important clients on new investments and enlarged our portfolio. At the same time, it is very important not to suffer any loss of quality in our work and still develop internally. I am glad to say that we managed to do this so far and shouldn’t pose a problem in the next three months of 2017.


How would you define your role in the German – Romanian relations and your contribution brought to these?

Our team of lawyers in Romania not only speaks the languages, but also thinks German and Romanian, and “reads the minds” of our clients on both sides. Success and trust are built easier if communication allows more room for thinking of and fine-tuning business issues with a view to finding solutions, rather than struggling to understand one another. I like to think that this is at least a small contribution to the manner of growth in the economic ties between our countries.

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