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August 1, 2021

German Unity Day celebrated in Bucharest: Romania and Germany have an excellent bilateral relation we also have a special responsibility, said Ambassador Cord Meyer Klodt

Romania and Germany have an excellent bilateral relationship, but this thing means that they also have a special responsibility towards the European path, Ambassador of Germany in Bucharest Cord Meyer Klodt stated on Tuesday.

He delivered a speech, together with President Klaus Iohannis, at the reception of the Day of German Unity – a day which marks, according to the diplomat, the end of “45 years of unnatural separation.”

The diplomat stated that the anniversary of the German-Romanian bilateral relation and this day should be perceived “in a correlated manner.” “We enjoy the excellent, special bilateral relationship. Therefore, we have a special responsibility to get involved with all the resources in order to shape up this Europe,” he said.

The German Ambassador referred to his country’s involvement in Romania’s economy. “Tonight I will not show you figures, so I won’t mention that we are the first commercial partner of Romania,” he joked.

Cord Meyer Klodt remarked the incline of Romanian parents towards the German language when they have to choose for the education of their children, but also the influence of German companies.

“Never have the German companies contributed more to the modernisation of this country’s economic structure,” he said.

The diplomat showcased a component of a car system. “Let me show you. Sometimes imagines speak more than word. It might seem insignificant, but it is an essential part of the control unit of the cars’ electric system. It is manufactured in Romania, by a very renowned German company. I won’t tell you how it’s called,” he pointed out.

The German Ambassador conveyed his condolences to Ambassador of the US in Bucharest Hans Klemm, following the armed attack that occurred on Sunday night in Las Vegas.

“I see here my dear colleague and friend Ambassador Klemm. I would like to take advantage of the opportunity and sent our sincere condolences to the victims and families of victims of the terrible attack,” Cord Meyer Klodt stated.


Iohannis: Politicians should remember no country project stands to succeed, unless based on solidarity


President Klaus Iohannis said on Tuesday that Germany’s National Day is a special moment in German and European history, underscoring that Romanian politicians should remember that no country project stands to succeed, unless it is based on national unity and solidarity.

“The reunification of Germany, symbolically started with the collapse of the Berlin Wall and concluded on October 3, 1990, preceded and created the favourable conditions for the reunification of the continent. The united Europe is deeply connected to the reunification of the two countries. Because of those historical changes we are here now, Romanians and Germans, as European friends and partners. This day is the symbol of a nation’s determination to overcome the condition of adverse times and to fulfill its natural historical aspirations to unity. It is a story about visionary leaders, but also about the common men, inspired by the hope and enthusiasm of a new beginning. The most precious lesson of October 3 – perhaps one that political leaders here in Bucharest should remember – is that no country project is truly sustainable and likely to succeed, unless it is based on national unity and solidarity understood in the best and broadest sense of the word,” Iohannis told a reception on October 3, the German Unity Day.

According to the Romanian head of state, “the aspiration to unity is a national attribute strongly impregnated in the cultural fibre of Romanians and Germans.”

“Far from being a sign of the past, I am fully convinced that the feeling of unity that characterises us so deeply is the resource that animates our common desire to live in a strong and united Europe,” said Iohannis.

He noticed that the Romanian-German relationship is solid, strategic, and based on many tangible achievements, as well as on the desire to build a better European future together.

Iohannis mentioned that this year is a quarter of a century since the signing of the Treaty on Cooperation and Partnership in Europe, 50 years since the resumption of diplomatic ties and 10 years since Romania’s accession to the European Union, under the German presidency of the Council of the European Union.

“These anniversary moments were also marked by my visit to Berlin this summer as well, an occasion I used to discuss with President Steinmeier and Chancellor Merkel on how to advance Romanian-German cooperation both bilaterally and at the level of the European Union, through in-depth coordination,” said Iohannis.

He also mentioned that the German minority in Romania played and plays an important role in the development and maturity of the Romanian society, just as many Romanians fulfill their “European dream” actively participating in the German social and economic life.

Iohannis also pointed out that for several years now Germany has been the main trading partner of Romania and a particularly valuable player on the Romanian market.

“I want these transformations to generate new ways of affirmation of the Romanian-German political cooperation in the years to come,” the President said.

He added that he is grateful for the constant support of the German partners in Romania’s efforts to “build a strong and mature democracy, governed responsibly under the dome of the rule of law.”

“The progress made by Romania within the European Union is unquestionable: as a French-speaking country with a consistent German cultural heritage, I am entitled to believe that Romania’s legitimate place is with the Franco-German engine of the European Union. Cooperation potential is vast, especially at a time when the involvement of all the forces that genuinely support the cause of European integration becomes stringent. That is why, I say once again that Romania is ready to be part of the core of the redesign of the European project,” said Iohannis.

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