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January 17, 2022

Interstar Chim, a member of Eureka Group

Archimedes triumphantly uttered the famous historic exclamation “eureka-eureka” when he discovered the famous Principle of Buoyancy in his bath. The visionary entrepreneur Xanthos Sarris adopts this in 1959 and creates the Eureka Company in Cyprus, which today after 58 years, has evolved to become the successful EUREKA Group of Companies.

The production of the first “Eureka super bleach” product starts in the small manufacturing facility of a single room. This first, truly innovative product for its time, was to become the beginning of a robust, dynamic and flexible company with a multinational profile.

Interstar Chim (Romania) became a member of Eureka Group starting with 2005, being active on the market of household cleaning products (being the most important player with local production in this segment) and on the market of personal care products (through the brands we distribute).

Our most important brands are: Biocarpet (market leader on carpet cleaning products), Peak WC (an important player on solid toilet blocks market), Aroxol (2nd brand on the insecticides market), Rivex (2nd brand in in the market of parquet cleaning products), Igienol (market leader disinfectants category), Evrika (clothing care).

Our company has always positioned itself as a marketing challenger, with the ambition to continuously build strong brands.


256, Basarabia Blvd, District 3
Phone.: +40(0)21 256 46 36
Fax: +40(0)21 256 46 26
E-mail office@interstar.ro ; www.interstar.ro

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