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February 1, 2023

Culture Minister: Centennial is a celebration of all Romanians. Launch event on Nov. 26 at Bucharest National Theater House

The Centennial is a celebration of all Romanians, Minister of Culture and National Identity (MCIN) Lucian Romascanu on Thursday told a press conference, mentioning that 2,170 projects dedicated to the event have been centralized in a pool from which the ones to be proposed to the Government for financing in 2018 will be selected from.

“It is very important to understand that the Centennial is a celebration of all Romanians, of all public or private institutions that are willing to mark, in one way or another, this historical moment. An institution, no matter how capable, cannot manage alone everything related to the events,” Romascanu told the press conference held at the MCIN headquarters.

As for MCIN’s capacity as organizer, Romascanu mentioned the creation of the Centennial logo “in an extremely open and clean competition”.

“Starting today, absolutely everyone who wants to use the Centennial’s visual brand identity can download it from the ministry’s website. I even insist that we should promote it. Institutions, ministries, private areas, absolutely everyone who wants to use this visual brand identity for not for profit purposes can do it freely, they can download it in an editable format from there, plus the required fonts and the brand manual that is mandatory once you decide to use this visual brand. It’s the official visual brand of the Centennial and we want everyone to use it, we want it to be visible all over the country and outside country borders as well in the Year of the Centennial,” said the Minister of Culture.

Romascanu announced that he wants the Centennial celebration to kick off with panache at an event due for November 26 at the National Theater House in Bucharest.

“Apart from this Centennial launch event, which will consist of a pre-event in the TNB foyer, a music and poetry event in the Great Hall of the Theater House, plus a reception afterwards, there will be a great concert in the University Square. We are in talks with potential organizers. We will run the foreigners’ greetings to Romania with high-profile persons from the areas where the Romanian Cultural Institute is present, but not only. [There will be contributions] by artistic directors and all those in charge of the concept of the show, we are graced by the presence of TNB general manager Mr. Ion Caramitru, together with Mr. Mihai Constantinescu, head of ARTEXIM that also organizes the George Enescu Festival. The program will be soon be available to the public as well,” the minister said.

He mentioned that private financing has been secured for some Centennial projects and that MCIN wants to support this kind of events.

Romascanu also mentioned the establishment of the Centennial Foundation, under the authority of the government’s Secretariat general “a vehicle tasked with collecting sponsorships and donations from private partners.”

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