More than 50,000 spectators are expected at the 23rd edition of the “Sinaia Forever” Festival

This weekend, “the Carpathian Pearl” will definitely be the most wanted destination for those who wish to go on Prahova Valley. Keeping the tradition, the “Sinaia Forever” Festival will be held also this autumn, the event reaching its 23rd edition. Given that the authorities are expecting more than 50,000 spectators in the resort, in the three days of the festival, the program was designed to be attractive for all ages and preferences.

From October 6 to 8, 2017, the 23rd edition of the “Sinaia Forever” Festival will be held in the most well-known resort on the Prahova Valley. According to the organizers of the event, namely the Sinaia Municipality, this year’s event will celebrate the story of the people and the place. Thus, the theme of this year’s festival was chosen so that it can combine the classical style – which defined this city from the ancient times, with the free spirit ambiance of the festival. Specifically, the streets of the city, the Stirbei Castle, where the City Museum is arranged, the Casino and the “Dimitrie Ghica” Park will be part of this year’s story, the scenario combining culture, fun and joy in the three days. “You are Sinaia forever! Come to the festival that brings this new challenge to you. Sinaia is in a continuous change, but it will always keep its elegance and sobriety” is the invitation made by the mayor of the city, Vlad Oprea, to all those who wish to spend a colorful and animated weekend.

The authorities expect a massive presence – more than 50,000 spectators, taking into account the visitors of the previous editions. Besides, the promoting campaign of this year’s event was an original one: people from Sinaia found out about the festival that will be organized in this weekend from an organ-grinder who was an extremely picturesque presence on Sinaia’s streets. Since the “Sinaia Forever “Festival is not only a spectacle, but also a state of mind, the authorities mentioned that the event will bear the mark of the four seasons. “This year’s story begins with the passing through the first gate – the winter gate, which brings the fearless Dacians and their customs to the forefront; here will be also present the craftsmen from the Romanian Peasant Museum, giving details about the art of carving, leather and glassware. Children will be also pleased to play and attend spectacles of the Ancuta Theatre, while the magic of the childhood will be completed by the magician, who will present an interactive show with great tricks that will amaze everybody with his balloons that he will shape in the most special forms. When we will pass through the second gate, a multicolored one, the spring gate, the ambiance will become warm and the joy will be brought by the street entertainment artists Hangdrum and Barbarosa. This is also the place where we will let ourselves to be surrounded by the magic of the dance – ballet, tango, waltz.

The third gate is dedicated to… summer, which brings original moments – the Eyedrops band and the living statues of the Masca actors. In the specially arranged place for the local producers, you will meet people from Sinaia representing some of the local traditions through their work. Close to the Dimitrie Ghica Park, the autumn gate will lead us to the Sinaia Smart City. Virtual reality and mobile apps will show us how a city can be sustainable.

On the stage placed in the middle of the park, in the first evening, on Friday, October 6, we will listen Vescan, Irina Rimes, Mihail and Vunk, while on Saturday, October 7, we can hear Eyedrops, Alexandra Usurelu, Alternosfera and Voltaj. Nights will be lit in various places by “The Dragons” of the Crispus band, who will tame the fire with incendiary performances throughout the festival. “Smile of Sinaia” will be seen on the 10 giant screens placed on the Carol I Boulevard. There will also be images with the city, presented in various situations during the four seasons, representing 365 days of urban life” is the short description made by the representatives of the Sinaia Municipality regarding the three days of the event that will end with fireworks every evening. Besides, the Carl I Boulevard, the George Enescu kindergarten, the Amphitheatre of the Sinaia City Hall, the Esplanades from Aosta, Dimitrie Ghica Park and Casino, will be the locations where most of the events and actions designed for all ages and preferences have been concentrated. A temporary exhibition will also be arranged at the City Museum, while a book launch and the screening of a movie dedicated to the great composer George Enescu will take place at the Casino Sinaia.

We mention that those who will be present at the festival, both people from Sinaia and tourists, have to know that the car access will be restricted on the Carol I Blvd. from the crossroad with Garii Street, starting from October 5, at 20.00, until October 8, at 20.00. The care access will be allowed on alternative routes that will be indicated correspondingly, both at the entrance and at the exit from the city. Not at last, during the parade that will take place on Friday on the Carol I Boulevard starting at 18.45, the official motorcade will be accompanied by gendarmes, police of the resort and local police.

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