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November 24, 2022

RO-ALERT system to send real-time alert messages over mobile devices

A public Emergency alert system called RO-ALERT will be implemented in Romania in order to prevent the loss of human lives as a result of dangerous meteorological and hydrological phenomena, according to a government emergency ordinance adopted on Thursday.

The Government says in a press statement that through this system, real-time warning messages will be sent to the population through modern technologies in the field of communications and information technology.

Similar systems have proven their effectiveness in the US, the Netherlands, Lithuania, France, Germany and Belgium.

The Government also says RO-ALERT has a number of advantages: the transmission of warning messages adjusted for imminent events over the networks of mobile operators; fast forwarding of messages to all users in the threatened area even when the mobile communications networks are overloaded; instant display of messages on the screen of the mobile device without the need for user intervention; cyclically repeat of alert messages at configurable intervals; receiving alerts on terminals, even when in roaming; the accuracy of the warning messages, based only on the information provided by authorised sources.

The system will be implemented by the Interior Ministry (MAI), through the General Emergency Inspectorate (IGSU), with technical support from the Special Telecommunications Service (STS). It will be operated 24/7 by IGSU and subordinated departments. As a backup system, the Emergency Department (DSU) will have a terminal with the same functionality.

Chief of the DSU with the Ministry of Interior will be responsible for the coordination of all the activities related to the funding, procurement, delivery and commissioning of the RO-ALERT system.

The acquisition of hardware, installation and commissioning software and services required for the implementation of RO-ALERT will be carried out by the IGSU as an urgency, in accordance with Public Procurement Law 98/2016 using negotiated procedure without prior publication.

“The urgent acquisition is designed to prevent the loss of human lives and material damage in the event of dangerous meteorological phenomena. To achieve the acquisition, the Government has allocated 30.4 million lei under its emergency ordinance that passed today from the reserves fund to the MAI budget for IGSU. Any positive difference between this amount and the actual value of the public procurement contract concluded after the award procedure will be paid back in the reserves fund by year end,” according to the governmental press statement.

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