What are the salaries of the Lower House Speaker, Deputy Speakers and members

The Lower House published on Thursday the indemnities paid to the holders of elected public offices, as well as the salaries of the holders of leadership positions within the Lower House’s Services and parliamentary bureaus. Thus, Lower House Speaker Liviu Dragnea has a gross indemnity of RON 16,675, the Deputy Speakers have a gross indemnity of RON 15,515 each, while Lower House members receive a gross indemnity of RON 13,050.

Thus, according to the Lower House website, the indemnities paid on September 30 are: Lower House Speaker – RON 16,675; Deputy Speakers – RON 15,515; Secretaries and Quaestors – RON 15,225; Floor Leaders – RON 14,500; Standing Committee Chairs – RON 14,065; Standing Committee Deputy Chairs – RON 13,630; Standing Committee Secretaries – RON 13,340; Lower House members – RON 13,050.

Likewise, the Lower House published the salaries paid to the employees of Lower House Services, pointing out the minimum and maximum values paid on September 30. Thus, the maximum salary for the Secretary General is RON 17,900, for the Deputy Secretary General – RON 17,677, Head of Department / Director General – RON 12,400. The maximum salary for a parliamentary expert is RON 7,289, and for a parliamentary adviser – RON 8,859. A sub-engineer has a maximum salary of RON 4,407, an electrician – RON 2,936, a driver – RON 3,703, a horticultural worker – RON 2,070.

At the same time, the Lower House also published the list of positions within parliamentary offices, pointing out the minimum and maximum basic salaries earned.

Thus, an adviser’s minimum salary is RON 1,450, while the maximum gross salary is RON 3,811; a consultant has a maximum gross salary of RON 2,342; an expert – RON 3,471; a referent – a maximum basic salary of RON 2,099; the maximum salary of a head of cabinet with university degree is RON 2,127. Likewise, a driver working for a parliamentary office can earn a maximum salary of RON 1,450.


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