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April 15, 2021

Basescu: Dodon would hand over the country to the Russians tomorrow. Fortunately, Putin is not in a hurry

Ex-President Traian Basescu stated, in a televised talk-show in Chisinau, that there is a fundamental difference between the former President of the Republic of Moldova and the incumbent one, claiming that Dodon is the man who would hand over the country to the Russians.

“I had a period of acceptable relationship with President Voronin, then it slumped after I talked about union. I had no kind of relations with President Dodon. But, there’s a fundamental difference between the two presidents. Voronin was not pro-Russian, he wouldn’t have handed over the country to the Russians, while Dodon would do so tomorrow. Fortunately, Putin is not in a hurry to take it. A big difference. Voronin was a supporter of statehood, of his big or small state, with its problems, eventually he did not accept the Kozak Plan for the federalisation of the Republic of Moldova. I believe Dodon would accept federalisation as soon as tomorrow. They are completely different in terms of approach. Between the two, I considered Voronin to be much more patriotic,” ex-President Traian Basescu stated on TVC21.

Moreover, Traian Basescu stated that “the socialist doctrine would not be the worst, but for the socialists it’s just a change of name, because the party’s roots are in Mr Voronin’s party,” but we would have to forget what socialist party means in the European Union.

However, Dodon’s party “has incorrectly taken on the name of socialist party. They are a pro-Russian party and that’s all,” Romania’s ex-president added.

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