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January 23, 2022

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg meets PM Tudose, praises Romania for its involvement in NATO

With its commitment to earmark 2 per cent of the GDP for defence expenditure in 2017, Romania should be regarded as an example for others, the same as it should be regarded as an example for the manner in which it involved in NATO activities, the Secretary General of NATO, Jens Stoltenberg on Monday said at Vila Lac 1, where he met Prime Minister Mihai Tudose.

The NATO Secretary General also wanted to show his gratitude for the contributions that Romania brought to the Alliance in many sectors, during the years.

He spoke about Romania participating with troops in missions in theaters of operations and also about the presence on Romanian territory of the NATO Multinational Brigade and of the anti-missile defence system in Deveselu.

Jens Stoltenberg underscored Romania’s importance as a source of stability in the region.

He went further to appreciate Romania’s contributions to the collective security, helping NATO to keep a stability climate in the region, in the East and South, while supporting Ukraine and Georgia and also fighting against terrorism on the Southern flank of the Alliance, by being present in Afghanistan and Iraq, and also by ensuring a climate of security in the Balkans, namely through its contributions with troops to the NATO missions in Kosovo.

He also added that Romania is very important for NATO also for being a “host country” for a multinational brigade of the Alliance, to also be added the air police missions.

During the same meeting, Jens Stoltenberg also mentioned the Italian and Canadian pilots, who are flying with the Romanian and Bulgarian ones in the Black Sea region.

Moreover, the NATO official mentioned the military drills conducted by Romania and the country’s presence in the Black Sea region, as an example of the manner in which NATO adjusts to global security challenges. The Secretary General of the Alliance added that Romania is also important because it hosts the anti-missile defence system located in Deveselu, which, in his opinion, is very important in terms of defence, with a plan to strengthen the anti-missile defence system by building a similar one in Poland.

Jens Stoltenberg underscored Romania’s involvement in cyber attacks defence area and also mentioned that our country has experts who are important for the whole Alliance, experts that are currently involved in training the specialists of Ukraine.

He also said that Romania’s announcement saying that the county will spend 2 per cent of its GDP on defence in 2017 was a very much welcomed decision by NATO, both from the perspective of strengthening Romania’s defence and that of NATO. Romania should be regarded as an example, said the NATO official, for it joined the group of countries that earmarked 2 per cent GDP for defence.

Moreover, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg congratulated Mihai Tudose for taking over the Prime Minister office, taking into account that this is their first official meeting.


PM Tudose: Holding NATO PA session in Bucharest, a statement of what Romania means to NATO


Romanian Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Monday that the holding of the annual session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in Bucharest represents a statement by the Alliance on what Romania means to NATO.

“I also thank [NATO secretary general] this way for his visit to Romania for having elected Bucharest the venue for the NATO Parliamentary Assembly. We regard it as a statement by the Alliance about what Romania means to NATO and what NATO means to us,” Tudose said after a meeting with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at Vila Lac 1.

At the same time, Tudose said that he had a “very good discussion” with Jens Stoltenberg about Romania’s presence in NATO bodies.

“We have had a very good discussion regarding the presence of Romania in the NATO bodies, regarding the presence of Romania in theatres of war, the development of Romanian capabilities in the defence industry, cooperation between Romania and NATO on multiple levels, including Romania’s role in ensuring unity and security in Europe with support from and under the umbrella of NATO,” said Tudose.


“Tomorrow we sign contract with American company to produce arms in Romania”


Romania’s Prime Minister Mihai Tudose on Monday announced the signing on Tuesday of an important contract with an American company that will produce arms in Romania, in collaboration with a Romania company.

“Tomorrow, we will sign an important contract with an American company that will produce arms in Romania in collaboration with a Romanian company, as a long-term commitment of Romania’s presence in NATO and what means and hopefully will further mean in this area of Europe, on the Eastern flank and in the Western Balkans, a stability pillar and a recognised strategic partner of the North-Atlantic Alliance, and we thank you for all,” Tudose said after meeting NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at Vila Lac 1.

Furthermore, the PM thanked the NATO secretary general for the support granted to Romania, including by the increased presence of Romanians in all NATO bodiess.

The meeting of the two officials was followed by a working lunch offered by PM Tudose in honour of NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.



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