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May 18, 2021

PNL National Council. Orban: There is only one thing that PNL has to do – to start a war on all the fronts against PSD. We are dealing with a clique of thieves and cheaters

National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman Ludovic Orban has launched an attack against the Social Democrat Party (PSD) and the Government led by Mihai Tudose, in his speech held on Saturday at the National Council of the Party, which met in Poiana Brasov.

The PNL Council had five issues on the agenda. Chairman Ludovic Orban presented the activity report of the PNL Executive Bureau and the analysis of the political situation. The proposals on amending the regulations on the organization and functioning of the PNL branches have also subject of voting.

The meeting of the PNL National Coordination Council was initially convened for September 15 in Poiana Brasov, but it was postponed because the Honorary Chairman of the Liberals, Mircea Ionescu Quintus, died on the same day.

Orban said in his speech that PNL has to start a “total war” against PSD – “a clique of thieves, incompetents, cheaters, people who are against the common sense and the law”.

Orban said that the political situation in Romania is “extremely serious” and that since PSD is governing, “it went through a total metamorphosis”.

“We are in a political situation which I appreciate to be extremely serious. Basically, it’s not a normal situation in a democracy where a governing party, a ruling party, is implementing its electoral promises, its ideology, its doctrine, trying to improve the lives of the people. No. We are dealing a clique of thieves, incompetents, cheaters, people who are against the common sense, people who are against the law, people who do not understand democracy. They are ruling Romania today, and they are not ruling it normally. They are governing as they are used to, either in the communist period, yearning the party farms or the kolkhoz, they are used to cutting and hanging, to mocking the dignity of every person. Generally, they cannot stand to be contradicted and they cannot stand free people. Let’s be honest. Since PSD is governing, it went through a total metamorphosis” Orban stated.

The PNL leader said that before the electoral campaign, Liviu Dragnea voted all the requests of the judicial bodies in Parliament, while “he has a double personality” now.

“During the campaign, before the campaign, if you remember, Dragnea voted all the requests made by the judicial bodies in Parliament. Today, when you hear what he is saying, you could tell that the man has a double personality, that he’s schizophrenic, that he changed with his lookalike. The same Dragnea came with the law on decreasing the fees, the Dragnea Law, during the electoral campaign, if you remember. So during the campaign, Mr. Dragnea abolished the Radio-TV fee, the first registration fee, also called the environment stamp and so on (…), claiming that this fee is so harmful and that people must be allowed to buy cars. Today, we see all the kinds of poor commentators and providing a media support and saying with nonchalance: ‘well, hundreds of cars have entered the country, old polluting cars, therefore we must introduce the environment fee again’. This is PSD” Orban stated.

Ludovic Orban also said that the Social Democrats cannot stand the business environment, the NGOs and the media which expresses freely.

“Therefore, they are communist, not socialists. They can’t stand private companies, NGOs, they can’t stand media which expresses freely, the freedom of the speech, they can’t stand prosecutors and judges who dare to make files against them and convict them for all their thefts made in 27 years. This is today’s PSD. Systematic aggression against the business environment” the PNL Chairman added.

He also said that PSD is concerned on an aggressive politicization of each public institution and is disturbed by any institution which is not controlled by them and which affords to express opinions, referring to the “systematic attacks against the National Bank”.

“I couldn’t believe that Tudose asked the BNR Governor to explain why the ROBOR increased. It’s like the one involved in the ROBOR increase was the Governor, instead this incompetent, unskilled Government who made all the stupid decisions and caused a state of nervousness and anxiety in the private sector and mistrust in the authorities of the Romanian state. The interests have not increased because of the BNR policies, they increased because the stupid things made by these unskilled people, the fools of the village who were appointed to rule the country, to rule Romania” Orban stated.

Oban asked the Liberals who met in Poiana Brasov to start the war against PSD.

“When PSD declares war against the freedom of the persons, against media, against the business environment, when it fights all the day, when it tries to diminish the income of the employees by transferring the contributions from the employer to the employee, the only thing that PNL has to do is to declare war against PSD and to start a total war, on all the fronts, against PSD” Orban stated at the PNL national Council.


PNL is preparing a no-confidence motion that will be filed when it is likely to be approved


The Liberal leader also stated on Saturday, at the PNL National Council, that the National Liberal Party is preparing a no-confidence  motion that will be filed when it is likely to be approved.

“As for the no-confidence motion, I am telling you that we will file it for sure in this parliamentary session, when this censure motion will be the most likely to be approved” Orban stated, according to Mediafax.

Asked if there is still time for a censure motion, given that the parliamentary session will end in two months, Orban said that the parliamentary session is far to be ended.

Regarding the alliances for the censure motion, Ludovic Orban stated that UDMR can be an ally only if it waives the parliamentary protocol with PSD.

“Firstly, they have to cease the permanent cooperation protocol with PSD, and if they will cease it, we will definitely talk with them if we identify common issues” Ludovic Orban said.

PNL Chairman also suggested that there are talks with certain parliamentarians of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE) on certain alliances in order for a possible censure motion against Tudose Government to be approved.



Turcan to the Liberals: Those who prefer to sleep, to be absent or to vote for PSD, can go somewhere else


PNL First Vice Chairman Raluca Turcan criticized on Saturday the Grindeanu and Tudose Governments and told the Liberals that “those who prefer to sleep, to be absent or to vote for PSD, can go somewhere else”.

“Now, PNL needs a constant, grounded, clear and trenchant public engagement at all levels, like it needs air. This is the only way in which we can answer to what people expect from us. It’s obvious for anyone that nobody can win in politics, as a party, by being absent or silent! PSD offers us the clearest evidence of defiance of the national interest. And they must be sanctioned for this every day, at all levels. Those who will ignore PSD’s harmful actions will be automatically labeled as an accomplice to the hostile actions against PNL and Romanians. (…) PNL can be the clever and strong leader of the right. We need focus and engagement, and those who prefer to sleep, to be absent or to vote for PSD, can go somewhere else. We need mobilization and combativeness. Permanently, without breaks, without hesitations. This is the only way to the PNL’s victory” Turcan stated at the PNL national Congress.

She claimed that the Grindeanu and Tudose Governments indebted Romania with around RON 27.66 billion.

“Romania governed by PSD is living from loans in times of economic growth! In 9 months, PSD has borrowed the equivalent of 900 km of highway. There is evidence that more and more municipalities have not paid the salaries for August because they were waiting money after the budget adjustment. There are also situations in which the municipalities have increased the salaries although they knew they don’t have money from the budget, because they were hoping for money from the budget adjustment! But the budget adjustment provided them with nothing. Thus, in order for them to balance their local budgets, mayors, will have to humble themselves and to ask money from Bucharest! This is what Dragnea actually wanted. But we must say that such a behavior turns Romania into a fief” stated the PNL leader.

Turcan claimed that PSD is not interested in the economic development, and procurements are the only stake for this party in terms of defense.

“The average length of the term of a PSD minister – two months and a half. This is the clearest evidence of the value they give to the economy, to the EU funds, to the defense! The results can be seen with the naked eye!”

She said that the companies in which several ministers are shareholders, as well as those in which Calin Popescu-Tariceanu and the PM Mihai Tudose’s wife have shares, didn’t apply for the VAT split.


Cristian Busoi, elected as PNL Vice Chairman on health, labour and family issues


MEP Cristian Busoi was elected, by the National Council of the National Liberal Party (PNL) on Saturday, Vice Chairman of the party on health, labour, family and social protection, the only vacant position that couldn’t be covered at the summer PNL Congress.

Cristian Busoi was the only candidate for this position.

PNL Chairman Ludovic Orban announced he proposed Busoi to run for this position.

“Through this candidacy proposal we want to give a signal of the union of all PNL forces,” Orban said.

In turn, Busoi pointed out he made the decision to run for this office before the National Council September meeting.

“This wasn’t the position I had in mind, but I have always thought of the unity of PN. (…) The proposal today can be an extra signal of unity for those outside PNL,” Busoi said at the PNL National Council meeting.

Cristian Busoi criticized the Social Democratic Party (PSD) for the situation in healthcare.

“It was a difficult choice, although there are many colleagues who are extremely meticulous, extremely well trained, extremely loyal to PNL, and it was very complicated to simply make such a choice. Not at last, we are talking about a field, a portfolio, namely health, labour, social protection, which has a certain specific, also being extremely important, since it covers a large part of the Romanian society and influences the lives of millions of Romanians. We shouldn’t forget that health, labour, social protection, pensions, represented an extremely efficient weapon for PSD in winning the parliamentary elections since last year. But the force which the opponent has can be used to lay him down, as in judo or jiu-jitsu; I believe we can also use the false promises made by PSD in the electoral campaign in these fields to lay PSD down” Cristian Busoi stated before his colleagues’ vote.

He reminded of a promise made by PSD related to building a Viennese hospital with 2,500 beds, 3,000 doctors, 16,000 nurses and employees, as well as eight regional hospitals with 1,000 beds.

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