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September 20, 2021

Premier Tudose after party meeting: We’ve established reshuffling area, persons to reshuffle, final decision to be taken on Thursday within PSD’s Executive Committee. Dragnea: It was a good discussion, the decisions will be taken within Executive Committee

Premier Mihai Tudose announced on Tuesday, at the end of the PSD meeting, that the area and persons to be targeted by the Government reshuffling have been established and the final decision will be taken at PSD’s Executive Committee meeting on Thursday.

“It was a long discussion, it was decided that the final decision should be taken during PSD’s Executive Committee meeting on Thursday,” Tudose said.

He said that the decisions will focus on two directions – clarifying the rapport between the Government and PSD, and the reshuffle.

“It was decided that the final decision should be taken within the ExCom – I’ve understood we’ll convene it on Thursday – on the following directions: the rapports between the Government and the party, starting off from the premise that the Government is political but that things must be clarified at the level of certain party structures’ involvement in the governmental activity,” Tudose stated.

He added that “areas and persons” to be targeted by the reshuffle have been established.

“We’ve jointly established the reshuffle area, the persons to reshuffle. We won’t make you happy now by giving you the names, the nominations and the portfolios, but after the ExCom,” the Premier said.

In what concerns his meeting with President Iohannis, which preceded the PSD meeting, Tudose said he went to ask the President whether he can sign the paperwork for the replacement of some ministers this week. “The discussion with President Klaus Iohannis was to ask him whether he is willing to sign the paperwork this week, and on a report about what took place in Varna,” Tudose added.


Dragnea: It was a good discussion, the decisions will be taken within Executive Committee


PSD President Liviu Dragnea stated on Tuesday, at the end of the informal meeting that took place at the party headquarters, meeting in which Prime Minister Mihai Tudose took part, that in his opinion it was a good discussion that will resume on Thursday, within the Executive Committee, where the decisions concerning the Government reshuffle will also be taken.

“We had, in my view, a good and necessary meeting, a fairly clarifying discussion. The Prime Minister presented several measures that must be taken in order for there not to have problems in what concerns the implementation of the governing platform. Of course, this was a non-statutory discussion, we will discuss these things within the National Executive Committee, and I believe the arguments presented today in this informal discussion… if presented within the ExCom too, there will be not problems,” Liviu Dragnea said.

The PSD leader said that next year’s draft budget, which will include “higher provisions” in areas of interest, was also discussed.

“Likewise, we also discussed the draft budget and the other financial measures; in my opinion, the good news is that next year’s budget, which includes all measures from the platform, is a good, balanced budget featuring higher provisions in areas that interest us,” Liviu Dragnea added.


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