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February 1, 2023

Official presentation of Sistema Italia’s logo in Romania. Sistema Italia: The Italian model in Romania, a historical presence that is being reborn

On Tuesday, the Italian Embassy in Bucharest, alongside the Italian Trade Promotion Agency (ICE), the Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania, Confindustria Romania and the Italian Cultural Institute, organised the event titled “Sistema Italia – The Italian Model in Romania: A Historical Presence Being Reborn,” at the residence of the Italian Ambassador to Romania.

On this occasion, the economic, cultural and social initiatives that Sistema Italia has prepared in Romania for the upcoming years were presented.

Italy’s vast and strong presence in Romania – Italy being from an economic standpoint the most important investor in Romania, with over 20,000 active companies – was reiterated at the event. Apart from multiple Italian SMEs, in Romania there are also numerous large industrial groups, spread throughout the national territory, active in the most varied sectors – from energy to infrastructure, from the banking and insurance sector to the industrial sector.

On a cultural plane, Italy is undoubtedly a fundamental partner for Romania, considering the existing collaboration between universities and centres of research, and the strong interest that the Romanian public has shown for Italy’s cultural offer.

According to the statements made by Italian Ambassador to Bucharest Marco Giungi, “We are a historical presence, strong, proof of a profound legacy and of up-to-date and concrete links. The figures speak for themselves: more than 20,000 Italian companies in Romania, 1,300,000 Romanians in Italy. Sistema Italia means putting to good use the figures, in the most efficient way possible. We have the organisational resources to achieve this through a more consistent confrontation with Romanian counterparts and through missions in the field, missions that would identify and concretely put to good use the synergies of a vast presence that already represents critical mass.”

Sistema Italia therefore exists to support the Italian presence in Romania. It offers assistance to Italian entrepreneurs and Italian citizens in Romania, relying on a significant historical presence from the standpoint of figures and dimensions, and now intends to act in an even more unitary and homogenous manner.

In this sense, ICE Bucharest Director Luca Gentile stated: “Sistema Italia gains today in Romania, at both an institutional and entrepreneurial level, a distinctive sign that enhances its degree of recognition by all Italian companies that the ICE Agency has been guiding – each year – toward a market full of opportunities as the Romanian market is.”

Italian Chamber of Commerce for Romania President Roberto Musneci reminded how “The vast presence of Italian companies and of good practices developed over the years requires constant dialogue between Romanian and Italian entrepreneurs, a dialogue that will surely be optimised given Sistema Italia’s renewed synergistic approach.”

Confindustria Romania President Mauro Maria Angelini underscored the following: “On the occasion of the launch of the Sistema Italia logo, Confindustria Romania confirms its own commitment alongside Italian institutions to act under the Sistema Italia aegis with the same devotion with which it is acting in its relationship with associated companies too.”

Ezio Peraro, Director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest, pointed out: “Culture is an immaterial but indispensable asset, like the air we breathe. It is the necessary antidote to stereotypes, to the common places from which the so-called qualunquismo or political and social apathy fuels itself. Culture represents, before anything else, knowing yourself and others. Culture represents the removal of prejudice. Culture represents the thirst to learn. Promoting Italian culture in Romania, our institutional task, is not a form of colonialism, nor an attempt to prove alleged superiority. It is, first of all, the sharing of one’s own cultural heritage, which takes the most varied forms, such as art, music, theatre, cinema, fashion, but also folk traditions, land use, gastronomy and oenology.

“Our objective is to build bridges between Italy and Romania, to favour any form of collaboration at a literary, scientific, social and artistic level. Learning the Italian language also offers the access key to our inestimable cultural treasure, contributing at the same time to greater integration in the common European home.”

Milan’s bid to host the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was also presented at the event.

The event ended with the official presentation of Sistema Italia’s logo in Romania.




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