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March 6, 2021

Ponta: Tudose should take over PSD and govern well

In a Facebook posting, Ex-Premier Victor Ponta states that it is good for Premier Mihai Tudose to remain in office, but he considers he should take over the leadership of PSD, warning that if Liviu Dragnea remains party boss “things will go from bad to worse.”

“Tudose has decided to be Prime Minister – this is good news! However, what is the cost of this decision for us all and especially what chances does it have? After we’ve had only “Dragnea” Governments hidden in various forms, since November 2015, can something be changed or not? What is in store for us in Romania?” reads the start of the posting in which Ponta suggests what steps Mihai Tudose should take.

The first step is to get rid, in 24 hours, “of the people through which Liviu Dragnea and the ‘Teldrum Cartel’ controlled the Government’s money and activity: Sevil Shaideh and Mihai Busuioc,” pointing out that Dragnea will be left only with “secretary” Carmen Dan and with a plethora of “foot soldiers” in the second and third echelons.

“The DNA dossier and the promotion of Busuioc at the Court of Accounts, in order to block for 9 years any audit into the money that Elena Udrea, Liviu Dragnea and Sevil Shaideh spent at the MDRAP [Regional Development and Public Administration Ministry], gives him this chance (I leave aside the fact that Busuioc auditing the contracts counter-signed by Busuioc himself represents not just conflict of interests but the direct mobsterisation of an institution as important as the CC [Court of Accounts] – but that’s how it is in the “Dragnea Republic”)!” Ponta points out.

He says he knows that if Dragnea remains party boss “everything will go from bad to worse.”

“Dragnea will sabotage the Government from Parliament, will control other institutions in which he has planted his people (primarily the Court of Accounts), will each day announce populist measures and will blame Tudose for any problem; he will once again spread rumours that Tudose (just like Grindeanu) is a sell-out to the “System”; he will engage in anti-Government propaganda in the Party and will use all of TELDRUM’s resources to buy journalists, analysts and opinion polls that would launch attacks in his place, while he displays a honeyed smile and makes declarations of love just like Pablo Escobar to his victims!” reads the scenario presented by the former Premier and former PSD President.

“There is only one somewhat-good solution at this moment: Tudose should take over the PSD leadership too and should try to govern well / had Grindeanu managed to do this in June, today we wouldn’t have had such problems at all!” Victor Ponta concluded.


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