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October 22, 2021

Judiciary Inspection’s Stan on Kovesi’s statements: An attempt to induce idea inspectors didn’t do their duty

Deputy-chief inspector of the Judiciary Inspection (JI) Gheorghe Stan claimed on Monday that chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi allegedly tried, through her statements regarding the control conducted at the National Anti-Corruption Directorate (DNA), to publicly induce the idea that the judiciary inspectors didn’t do their job, precisely to create the premises for challenging the report.

“I am wondering if is in favour of the judiciary system and its credibility to claim, as leader of a prosecutor’s office unit [prosecutor-in-chief of the DNA, Laura Codruta Kovesi] which was checked, that you had the feeling that [the inspectors] came with certain issues that had to be verified. It’s pretty dangerous, unproductive and also harmful both to the judiciary system and the civil society. (…) Mrs Chief Prosecutor had the same feeling regarding that note on which the judiciary inspector wrote numbers of criminal cases, claiming that, in fact, through this control, other issues outside the control were carried out. I think that these statements were an attempt to publicly induce the idea that judiciary inspectors did not carry out their official duties in an objective and impartial manner. We definitely reject such insinuations. Probably these demarches incorporate the declared intention from the beginning, namely to create the premises of challenging the report by claiming some non-existent procedural flaws,” Stan told the Prosecutors’ Section of the Supreme Court of Magistrates (CSM).

Stan was presenting on Monday to the Prosecutors’ Section of the CSM his viewpoint on the report drawn up after the control conducted at DNA.

On 13 October, Laura Codruta Kovesi told the same section that there is no unitary control report drawn up following the control of the Judiciary Inspection into DNA, and the conclusions are not unitary or harmonised.

Moreover, asked whether, during the Judicial Inspection’s control, she had the feeling that it lacked objectivity having, besides the stated purpose, also a “hidden” purpose, the DNA chief said, “Yes, I had a feeling that they came with [preconceived] issues that had to be verified or denied; they came with some rumours about which they had read in the media and which had to be confirmed in one way or another, and yes, they came up with a certain issue for identifying some files, some solutions or certain documents in the files.”


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