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October 30, 2020

Ruling coalition to decide on Monday which bills will be tabled by Parliament and which by Gov’t

The PSD-ALDE ruling coalition will convene on Monday to decide which bills will be tabled by Parliament, via parliamentary initiative, and which will be incumbent on the Government, set to be adopted via governmental procedure. A decision will also be adopted in what concerns the Justice laws.

“We will meet within the coalition on Monday – we have decided – and we’ll take a decision that will include several bills; we should decide whether we will table them in Parliament or whether they will leave through governmental procedure – the judiciary laws, the public-private partnership, the Sovereign Development Fund and others. We will take this decision on Monday,” PSD leader Liviu Dragnea (photo) announced on Friday, after the Executive Committee meeting in which the successors of the outgoing ministers were confirmed.

Asked why the package of Justice laws is no longer leaving the Government, Dragnea answered: “Wait, we haven’t seen them yet. (…) In the Government there are some procedures that take longer – a month, a month and a half, and it’s already mid-October.”

He pointed out he hopes Justice Minister Tudorel Toader would present the package of Justice laws this week.

“It seems he (the Justice Minister – editor’s note) is still working on including some proposals that came from some associations from this field and we hope next week it would have a final form with which – if we decide this on Monday – he would come up in the coalition and then in Parliament,” Dragnea added on Friday, reiterating the ruling coalition’s political intention for the package of Justice laws to be adopted during the current parliamentary sitting.

The PSD leadership decided that the amendments to the Justice laws should be promoted as a parliamentary initiative, not as a bill assumed by the Government, Social Democratic sources stated on Friday. Premier Mihai Tudose expressed this idea early last week too.

“The decision we have taken is that we will promote the Justice Laws as a parliamentary initiative, they will no longer be tabled by the Government,” PSD leadership sources stated.

Premier Mihai Tudose had stated on Monday, for Antena3, that the package of laws should be sent to Parliament so that the latter would decide, at the end of debates, what their final form will be.

“So as not to trouble ourselves any longer, I believe they should be taken directly to Parliament, which should carry out consultations, committees, the two Houses…,” Premier Tudose said when asked about the laws’ legislative circuit.

The Head of Government pointed out however that there is also the need for the ruling coalition’s leadership to take a political decision.

“Theoretically, the laws are still at the Justice Ministry and they are still waiting for some reports, including from the Venice Commission,” Tudose said, nevertheless pointing out that the Commission’s next meeting will take place in December.

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