Vasile Blaga’s name appears in the case of the ANAF Director accused of receiving a bribe of EUR 1 million

The name of the former Chairman of the Liberal Democrat Party (PDL) and the former minister Vasile Blaga appears in the corruption case in which the Director of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) Ancuța Macovei is subject to criminal prosecution for receiving a bribe of EUR 1 million, according to judicial sources.

“As it appears in the minutes of the discussion that took place in the environmental conditions, drafted on September 26, 2017, and in the protocol on establishing the appropriate images for the talks written down in it, although the defendant was careful and she avoided to verbally mention elements that could incriminate her, suspecting that she is taped but without thinking that she is videotaped, she wrote down on paper the name Blaga and the amount of 500,000, asking the witness: Weren’t you attentive? When he was confused about the final destination of the money”, according to the report proposing the preventive arrest quoted in the reasoning of the Ploiesti Court of Appeal.

Judicial sources said that the name Blaga that appears in the reasoning of the Ploiesti Court of Appeal refers to the politician Vasile Blaga.

The IT Manager of the National Customs Authority Ancuța Anda Macovei, suspected that she asked 25 percent of the value of a software agreement and received a bribe of EUR 1 million and several luxury objects, was denounced to DNA by Irina Socol, according to the meeting conclusion of the Prahova Court, which approved last week DNA’s proposal on Macovei’s preventive arrest.

“According the denouncement made by Irina Socol, the defendant Macovei Ancuța met her several times in the office from XXX, but the requests regarding the payment of the bribe of 25% of each agreement were sent to the denouncer through XX or XX, who were persons in close relationship with the defendant, Dan Tuhar being the Manager of the Customs Department of X, who was talking often to the defendant, due to the office relationships”, the judges of the Prahova Court wrote in their reasoning.

According to the same document, the representatives of the three companies that won the tender were asked for 15 percent of the value of the agreement before the tender proceedings.

“The denouncer claims that she accepted to meet the said XXX, who was a counselor of the General manager of XXX, in mid-2010 at the insistence of the defendant; the counselor directly asked her 15% of the total value of the framework agreement that could have been signed for a period of 4 years and for which the tender procedure wasn’t started yet, as an advance before the organization of any tender” is written in the reasoning of the court.

The amount of EUR 1 million allegedly received by Ancuța Macovei as bribe was paid by the businessmen in several instalments; the money was taken by the businessmen from offshore companies or from their personal accounts, inserted in envelopes, between pastries, and it was taken several times to Ancuța Macovei’s office from the National Customs Authority.

The head of the ANAF IT Department also allegedly asked several goods belonging to luxury brands, such as vouchers from the Burberry store, a Mont Blanc pen, a Luis Vuitton bag, an iPad and iPhone, a pendulum, a brand shawl and a brand ashtray, each of them amounting between EUR 1,000 and 3,000, as well as the equivalent of a trip in the USA, according to the same document.

The same source states that the denouncers said in front of the prosecutors that the Director of the National Customs Authority, who currently is a Director at ANAF, was explicitly asking for the goods she wanted to receive, and after she was receiving them, she was taking care of the smooth execution of the agreements.

“The witness states that these goods have been requested by the defendant, and after every requirement she had was fulfilled, the smooth execution of the agreement was ensured” mentions the quoted document.

According to the same source, the requested bribe was asked and received for Ancuța Macovei and for an economic director.

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