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September 28, 2021

Dragnea – Tariceanu – Tudose meeting on Justice laws and draft budget

Liviu Dragnea and Calin Popescu Tariceanu, the leaders of the ruling coalition, met on Monday in the Lower House Speaker’s office at the Palace of Parliament. Premier Mihai Tudose also took part in the meeting. According to sources, it seems Tudose does not want the Government to take responsibility for the package of laws concerning the judiciary. In this case, the bill would be sent to Parliament. In addition, Premier Mihai Tudose discussed on Monday with the leaders of the ruling coalition the draft 2018 budget, Government sources told Agerpres.

In early September, the Premier announced that next year’s budget blueprint will reach Parliament in November.

“The state budget bill will be developed and duly referred to Parliament in November for us to start next year with the approved budget,” Tudose said in Parliament back then.


Serban Nicolae on Justice laws: There may very well be a parliamentary bill


“The package of Justice laws was one of the topics discussed within the ruling coalition on Monday,” PSD Senate Floor Leader Serban Nicolae stated on Monday, not ruling out the procedure of the Government assuming responsibility for it.

“We discussed [within the ruling coalition]. Some confusion was also generated, that there isn’t a legislative proposal in this sense. That would be stupid, because the CSM had a say on the legislative proposal, a whole series of amendments were proposed from the standpoint of some associations of magistrates, of Romanian judges. It’s unnatural to say there isn’t. There isn’t a final bill based on the observations, proposals, amendments brought. On the other hand, we can’t delay too much either, because the idea of making a perfect bill will kill off the idea of debate. It’s very likely it would be assumed, there is a joint Senate and Lower House committee that would analyse such bills, it’s very likely there would be a parliamentary bill. I believe that, at least in the Senate, it will pass during this sitting, or will even be adopted by both the Senate and the Lower House during this sitting. (…) The Senate is decisive,” Serban Nicolae stated at the Palace of Parliament.




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