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January 25, 2022

Tudose Gov’t reshuffle seen by politicians

Gabriela Firea: Two other ministers from Tudose Cabinet wanted to resign in solidarity with Rovana Plumb and Sevil Shhaideh


PSD Vice President Gabriela Firea revealed in a talk-show that two other PSD ministers wanted to resign during the tense Executive Committee meeting last Thursday, in solidarity with Sevil Shhaideh and Rovana Plumb. She named Labour Minister Lia Olguta Vasilescu and Water Minister Doina Pana.

Gabriela Firea said that the Social Democrats eventually persuaded them to give up their intention.

“We pleaded they should not make this gesture because it would mean weakening even more this Government, [because] they are efficient ministers. Olguta Vasilescu and Doina Pana. I understood them. I personally pleaded with them not to make such a gesture,” Gabriela Firea stated for RomaniaTV private broadcaster.


Victor Ponta : Tudose won first round and unconditionally surrendered in second round


Ex-Premier Victor Ponta criticised the Government reshuffle too, stating that everyone stands to lose from this political move.

“News – Tudose won the first round and unconditionally surrendered in the second round! Too bad. So, they all lost after all / including the Government / including Romania!

“1. After Basescu’s “youngsters,” it’s now the turn of Dragnea’s “youngsters” too! With Stanescu and Stroe it’s clear it can be worse than with Shaideh and Cuc! Do you see the “European” Stanescu seducing those from the European Commission / do you see the “young and elegant” Felix Stroe discussing about European transport corridors or about saving TAROM? You’d better not – seriously! Why was the change done? To cry after those who left?

“2. Marius Nica should have been appointed European Grants Minister in January 2017 – we appoint him now only to have whom to blame for this lost year?

“3. I too have said that the pretext for replacing some ministers for the dossier drafted by the DNA was “uninspired”! I knew ALDE would not give in – and now, behold the result!?!?

“A circus from which absolutely everyone has lost – but “young European professionals” Stanescu and Stroe have won!!!” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.


Orban: The reshuffle, useless. Shhaideh, little child compared to Paul Stanescu


National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated on Monday that the Government reshuffle is “a rub on a wooden leg,” pointing out that nominating Paul Stanescu at the helm of the Development Ministry is “a bad joke” and that the Liberals are preparing a no-confidence motion.

“PNL considers that this reshuffle is a rub on a wooden leg, replacing Laurel with Hardy or, more plastically put, replacing the devil with his father. In what concerns the Development Ministry, nominating Paul Stanescu is a bad joke. Sevil Shhaideh was a little child compared to Paul Stanescu. Firstly, Paul Stanescu is part of the TelDrum brotherhood. If we look in what counties TelDrum has contracts, we see that Olt County is one of the counties in which TelDrum is winning contracts galore,” PNL President Ludovic Orban stated at the end of the party’s Executive Bureau meeting.

Ludovic Orban stated that Paul Stanescu is “the quintessence of the PSD baron” and that “he has all the negative traits of the bailiffs, the satraps that PSD has lifted.”

“He has the clan mentality. If we look, we see that Paul Stanescu is not just Paul Stanescu, he basically is backed, and he has lifted family members, such as Mr Stanescu’s brother (Alexandru Stanescu – editor’s note), who is Lower House member and, from what I know, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture. Mr Stanescu’s wife is adviser to Mr “Knee” [the Education Minister] because she was teacher in the pre-university system and probably imparts a lot of countryside experience to Mr “Knee,” the top illiterate at the helm of the Education Ministry,” Orban added.

The PNL leader also criticised the decision to nominate Felix Stroe at the Transport Ministry, stating that he is Nicusor Constantinescu and Radu Mazare’s “househusband.”

“Last but not least, Rovana Plumb’s personal assistant is once again at the European Grants Ministry. Meaning Rovana Plumb has once again appointed her minister, a minister that stood out for nothing good while he was at the said ministry, since a great part of the delays registered in the accreditation of management authorities are due to Rovana Plumb’s personal assistant. It’s as if Rovana Plumb is still at the ministry, it’s just that she leads the ministry via a delegate,” Orban said.

PNL continues to demand the dismissal of ministers Viorel Ilie, Liviu Pop and “plagiarist” Florian Bodog, Orban said. “We consider that the candidacies for the Government represent all of PSD’s bad habits and sins. (…) I have great disappointment in what concerns Mr Tudose, who acted as a maiden on television but is in fact showing that he continues to be nothing but Liviu Dragnea’s puppet Premier, and despite his muscle flexing he is only showing he is nothing but a muscle controlled by Dragnea’s brain,” Orban added.

Asked whether he will ask President Iohannis to reject PSD’s nominations, Orban stated that this decision belongs to the Head of State. “Deciding to what extent these candidates are or aren’t suitable, whether they observe the law and whether they have the capacity to manage the ministries, this is the President’s decision. We have our own analysis. Leaving aside the penal problems, the nominees’ past makes them completely undesirable for the positions for which they have been nominated,” the PNL leader said.


PNL’s  Preda: A patch-up with other people who propose nothing


PNL’s Lower House member Cezar Preda states that the Government reshuffle should have been bigger “if it were to seek the principle of returning to the source of electoral promises,” adding that “this Government is not a Government of political heavyweights, of people who assume and follow a very strict route.”

“This Government is not a Government of political heavyweights, of people who assume and follow a very strict route. Early this year, we had a very nice and very well-packaged governance platform, and now we find ourselves in mid-October with a patch-up with other people who have proposed nothing. (…) To make a change only for the sake of solving a certain political conflict within a party does not serve us. Overall, I don’t believe this reshuffle will bring the extra vigour and efficiency that a governmental reshuffle obliges. (…) The reshuffle should have been far bigger, if it were to seek the principle of returning to the source of electoral promises,” the Liberal stated on Monday for RFI.





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