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June 28, 2022

The third edition of Kazakh Film Festival shows five exceptional movies at Cinema Elvire Popesco

The Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Romania, in collaboration with KMG International, offers film enthusiasts the third edition of Kazakh Film Festival. One of largest event of its kind in Europe, the festival takes place from October 23rd through October 25th, at Cinema Elvire Popesco (The French Institute).

The program of the festival includes 5-film projections produced by Kazakh directors, depicting over 500 years of Kazakhstan’s rich history and culture and various themes such as family bonds, love, loneliness, heroism, solidarity and the fight for freedom.

During the 3 days of festival, the public will have free access to watch the following films:

Monday, October 23, 20.00 – The Diamond Sword (2017);

Tuesday, October 24, 18.30 – The Returnee (2017); 20.30 – Road to Mother;

Wednesday, October 25, 18.30 – The Foreigner (2015); 20.30 – The Nut Tree

Actresses Altynay Nogerbek ( “A Road to Mother”) and Ingkar Abdirash (“Diamond sword”) will join the public for a questions and answers session at the end of the movies, while the well reputed movie critic Irina Margareta Nistor will participate at the opening of the Festival.

The institutional partners of the event are The French Institute/ Cinema Elvire Popesco, Kazakhfilm Studio, Romanian Cultural Institute. The trailer of the event is available here.


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