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August 14, 2022

PM Tudose: Salaries will not decrease but remain at least the same or will increase. Health system, a little ill, we need to make it well

Prime Minister Mihai Tudose said on Friday that salaries would not decrease but remain at least the same or would increase, when asked in a press conference in Deva what will happen to salaries after social contributions are passed from the employer to the employee.

“They unquestionably will not decrease. There is a mechanism by which salaries remain at least the same or even they will increase. (…) We have had consultations with all big and small employers’ associations. All of them said the same thing: it is an opportunity that the state offers us to pay people better in the same envelope of expenditures, because Romania has entered an area with a fierce competition on the workforce market, where employees are no longer easy to find and keeping the staff becomes a priority for any sane employer,” said Mihai Tudose.

The prime minister also referred to the “whines” expressed in the public space that some employers will lower salaries after applying the new Salary Law and the passing of contributions from employer to employee.

“No, [private employers] will use this mechanism to motivate their people better (…) The net salary does not decrease, no matter how… After January, all of you will see that the salary does not decrease anywhere,” Tudose said.

The prime minister also said that the tax on salaries below 2,000 lei would be zero starting in 2019, as stipulated by the Government programme.

“We will try to introduce it as of 2019 … depending on economic development. … It is in the Government programme as of 2019, with the global tax. So, if we reach that level of financial interconnectivity, we will implement the system,” Tudose said.


“Health system, a little ill, we need to make it well”


PM  Tudose stated in Deva, that the health system is “a little” sick and needs to get better, being ill-adjusted to the quality of the medical staff working in it.

He communicated that last days he had talks with the unions of the Sanitas Federation, appreciating that the first things that should be solved concern the medical system.

‘The system is, unfortunately, inadequate for the wonderful people who work in it. We are doing well in terms of people, the staff – of great quality, but the system is a little ill and we are trying to restore its health. It is very important that both the medical staff and the nurses, all employees in health, in the talks that we had with them, said the technical part comes first, the endowment part of hospitals, somehow leaving the salary part last, which is not without importance,” Tudose said.

The Prime Minister visited on Friday the premises of the Emergency County Hospital in Deva, remarking the fact that the pediatrics, functioning in an old heritage building, needs to be relocated in a new space.

Mihai Tudose also said that the Government’s main priorities are the health, the education and the infrastructure, and in this context, he communicated that in the morning he paid a surprise visit at the Lugoj-Dolj motorway building site, in the area of Soimu locality.


“Mintia thermal power plant, highly important for energy system safety”


“Mintia thermal power plant within the Hunedoara Energy Complex (CEH) is highly important for the safety of the national energy system and all efforts are being made to help it become “an energy pearl” again”, premier Mihai Tudose stated on Friday in Deva.

“The entire flow is important from the point of view of the national energy system. We are talking about Romania’s energy safety and not all efforts have been made so far to reposition Mintia on the energy map where it once was – where it was conceived to be in the seventies, when it provided more than 10 percent of Romania’s total energy. There are great chances and we are striving to begin to reinstate Mintia as a Romanian energy pearl. It is a Government’s commitment,” the Prime Minister said.

The premier paid a visit on Friday morning to the thermal power plant of Mintia, where, according to him, he talked to the company’s leaders and the unions. He mentioned that there are two investors interested in this energy producers.

Asked why he chose to visit Deva municipality, Mihai Tudose replied that all the members of the Cabinet will travel to the country to verify on the ground whether the information in the “papers” corresponds to the reality in the territory.

The Prime Minister was on Friday on a working visit in Hunedoara county, on which occasion he made a stop at the building site of the Lugoj-Deva motorway, at the Mintia power plant and the Emergency County Hospital in Deva. The premier’s visit will continue on Saturday, in Petrosani.

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