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June 22, 2021

French Ambassador Ramis: European states must remain united; their policies should be consistent, accepted by all

French Ambassador to Romania Michele Ramis said in Timisoara on Monday that Europe can defend its cultural identity and traditions amidst the current migration waves through the unity of the member states and “consistent policies accepted by all.”

”The European states must remain united so that their policies may be consistent and accepted by all, so that Europe may be a land of asylum and so that [migration] may not be perceived as a danger. European identity brings us closer together and allows us to think of a long-term vision of the world,” Ramis told Agerpres.

She pointed out that the EU counts on Romania to make the European community stronger when it holds the presidency of the Council of the European Union.

At the same time, Ramis said that Europe can cope with terrorist threats by strengthening justice and policing, strengthening its defence.

“Europe can meet such challenges by strengthening security measures in a number of ways, consolidating justice and policing, strengthening its defence and opposing terrorist threats in a much more coordinated way,” said Ramis.

At the same time, she spoke in musical terms about the relationship between culture and politics.

“This cultural-political relationship can be a symphony when everything goes well, a concert when a soloist is required, but it can be dissonance when there is anarchy. I believe that music reflects very well the socio-human relations and we can find many sources of inspiration in this field (…),” added the French ambassador.

Ramis attended a conference on “Europe, Culture and Politics” hosted by the West University of Timisoara (UVT), where she unveiled proposals for Europe from French President Emmanuel Macron, especially the rebuilding of the European design through culture. She told the students of Timisoara that they have a social and political responsibility and can play an important role in consolidating tomorrow’s Europe.

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