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June 28, 2022

Orban: We are fighting against a dictatorial party that uses the state institutions to hit all those who have the courage to criticize it

The Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban stated on Sunday at the congress at which the National Liberal Youth (TNL) elected their leadership, that he doesn’t like when the party members “are zealous” in the internal campaigns, but they don’t assume any risk to fight in external campaigns, saying that the political battle involves a political opponent, and PNL is fighting against a dictatorial party that uses the institutions to hit those who are in opposition.

“(…) I don’t like when PNL members are appointed in the Tudose Government, especially when members who are members of the committee for organizing the congress are in this situation of being appointed as Secretary of State. I don’t like when some of us show themselves zealous here, inside the party, in internal campaigns, but when it comes about external battles they don’t risk anything, they don’t expose themselves and they always think that politics is a matter of internal school issues and not a political battle. The battle involves a political opponent and you have to assume risks, responsibilities, endangering your company, your job, even your personal peace, because we are not fighting against a normal party that fights against us through ideas, but we’re fighting against a dictatorial party that uses the state institutions to hit all those who have the courage to criticize them, to make opposition and to convince people that it’s not a good party, but it’s leading the country in a wrong way” Ludovic Orban stated.

The PNL Chairman also said that “PSD is falling, PNL is rising” and that liberals need young people to bring the party to the top position of the political stage.

“We have to make a long and intense effort and to go through a period of work in which we have to give the best of us to succeed in raising PNL to the position it deserves, namely the first party on the political stage. PSD is falling, PNL is rising. This is the reality. I need you, PNL needs you, your courage and your creativity” Orban told to the TNL members.


Busoi: To appear on an electoral poster, first you have to glue electoral posters


The PNL Bucharest Chairman Cristian Busoi told the members of the National Liberal Youth (TNL) who gathered on Sunday at the Congress in order to elect their leader, that there is no “elevator to success”, and to appear on an electoral poster, first you have to glue electoral posters.

“I am speaking to you after a 21-year experience in PNL, as a man who grew up inside this party. To grow and consolidate as a party, we need to know and respect the hierarchy and to spent time by working in this party. There is no other way. Who wants to make politics inside PNL must understand a lesson which for other EU countries is a normal thing since dozens of years before. To appear on an electoral poster, first you have to glue electoral posters. This is what I’ve learned, I understood we need a lot of involvement. There is no elevator to success” Cristian Busoi stated.

The PNL Bucharest leader also said that TNL has a responsibility for the young generation which it represents and who is expecting a change in politics.

“This is a time when many young people in this country are looking very reserved to the political class, to politics in general, and this is a great challenge for you. You have a great responsibility not only related to PNL, but also to your generation, who is expecting a change in politics and for a different way to settle things in Romania” Busoi also said.


PNL-PDL merger has not brought expected satisfaction, says TNL co-leader Costel Alexe


The PNL-PDL merger has not brought the expected satisfaction, said National Liberal Youth (TNL) co-leader Costel Alexe, an Iasi MP, at the Congress of the National Liberal Youth held at the Parliament Palace.

“For me it was a great honor and I assumed more than two years ago to lead the TNL destiny. But I did not imagine then that it would be such a long and hard way, and unfortunately we have to admit that this merger has lasted too long and has not brought the satisfaction we have been waiting for. Because we have to admit – a family cannot be led when it is made up of two fathers, two mothers, three cousins, and about 40 grandchildren. Do not regard this congress as a political battle but just as a competition. Today we decide who will represent TNL for the next two years,” said the TNL co-leader.

He added that many of the young liberals chose to leave for the civil society, within some NGOs, deciding that politics is not for them, but many have joined TNL over the past two years, making it one of the most important youth organizations in the country.

More than 930 delegates gathered on Sunday at the Parliament Palace to elect the new leadership of TNL, after the organization has been led since 2015 by co-leaders resulting from the merger with the PDL.



Orban urges Liberals to regain retirees and state employees


The Chairman of the National Liberal Party (PNL) Ludovic Orban urged Liberals to start a campaign of regaining retirees and state employees, stating that these categories have been “shamelessly” lied by the Social Democrat Party (PSD) when it promised to increase the salaries and pensions.

Ludovic Orban said on Saturday, in Iasi, at the Local Public Administration Forum that was attended by hundreds of Liberal elected officials from across the country, that PSD promised welfare to several social categories, including retirees, but everything proves to be a lie.

“It is more and more clear, and I hope more and more Romanians will understand that they were intentionally and shamelessly lied, that unreachable things were intentionally promised. Besides the campaign for attracting the middle class, the business sector, please start a campaign addressed to the retirees. We see that retirees, who were the main PSD voters, were shamelessly lied. The cynics who are ruling Romania today mocked our parents and grandparents. They promised that they will increase their pensions, they gave them false hopes, and now they are nonchalantly and shamelessly saying that the Pension Law will not be implemented starting from January 1, 2018 and pensions will not increase as it was designed. How can they lie like this?” Ludovic Orban said to the Liberals attending the meeting.

The PNL Chairman says that professionals working in the administration must be regained by PNL, too, after they were “fooled” by PSD.

“State employees, especially professionals working in administration, people who are making a career in public administration, must be regained by us. Many of them followed PSD’s promises and they were fooled, too. They were told that salaries will increase by 25 percent and next year they will see the four percent net growth. And this 4% growth will be much less than the salary in 2017, in terms of purchasing power, because meanwhile the inflation has risen, the RON has risen related to Euro, the trade balance deficit has grown and the loans are more expensive. We must address to these categories ad tell them they have been lied” Ludovic Orban added.


Public servants who perform, “not Daea’s daughter or the cohorts of princes, nephews and mistresses in institutions”, should have high salaries


PNL’s Ludovic Orban also stated on Saturday at Iasi that public servants should have high salaries, but only those who are performing should be rewarded, “not Daea’s daughter or the cohorts of princes, nephews and mistresses in institutions”.

“Public servants should be better paid. But I don’t agree that Daea’s daughter or the cohorts of princes, nephews and mistress who were included in administration by PSD should be better paid. I agree to better pay the employees working in administration, but the administration should be cleaned first. We can pay those who perform and provide good work, but we shouldn’t pay political slicks who were included in administration by PSD and who are kept by political relationships and by tricks” Ludovic Orban said.

The PNL Chairman believes that administration should be restructured and we cannot continue to have a large government that has 30 ministries.

“We cannot have 30 ministries any longer, with hundreds of agencies, offices and authorities which are not known even by the ministers. I don’t agree to continue to have decentralized services that are doing nothing and where public servants without results and who are incompetent in the day-to-day life are paid. I give you the example of the school inspectorates. The model of the school inspectorates doesn’t exist in any European country. This is a Soviet model, and we are among the last ones who apply this model that is used to politicize the education system. Local authorities should take decisions, the parents committees should involve, subtends should also participate in taking decisions in schools” Orban said.

The Liberal leader also referred to the large number of people who are socially assisted in Romania, saying that PNL should not fight against these people, but against those who caused them and who are taking advantage of their weaknesses only in order to gain political capital.




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