Seidler: USR supports Nicusor Dan to become the Bucharest Mayor in 2020

Save Romania Union (USR) will support Nicusor Dan (photo) in the 2020 local elections, in the competition for the Bucharest Municipality, either as a party member or as an independent, stated the USR MP Cristian Seidler on Saturday; in his turn, MP Dan Barna mentioned that Nicusor Dan expressed his intention to candidate.

“(…) I never thought that I will say that Sorin Oprescu was a slightly better mayor for Bucharest than Gabriela Firea. What Gabriela Firea showed until now and the direction in which Bucharest seems to go is a disaster. There has to be a reply to this disaster, and this answer for 2020 is Nicusor Dan, the Bucharest General Mayor” stated the USR MP Cristian Seidler, who is running for the party’s presidency, when asked, at a debate attended by the candidates for the party’s leadership Cristian Seidler, Dan Barna and Vlad Alexandrescu, what should be the relationship between USR and Nicusor Dan.

Cristian Seidler stated that the position of the Bucharest Mayor is the second most important one, in a direct manner, after the Romanian President position.

“If we are looking at the previous electoral cycles, the person who becomes the General Mayor will win later the general elections. In terms of politics at the Bucharest level, and then at the national level, there is only one solution – Nicusor Dan will become the Bucharest General Mayor in 2020, together with USR and with its support” Seidler stated.

In his turn, the USR MP Dan Barna said that Nicusor Dan knows that USR wishes to support his candidacy and the former leader of the party expressed his intention to candidate.

“Yes, definitely. He expressed his interest to candidate, and naturally, his candidacy will be supported by USR, either as a member, if he wishes to join the party, or as an independent. USR will support him” Dan Barna answered, when asked if Nicusor Dan knows that USR intends to support him in 2020 to become the Bucharest Mayor.

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