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December 5, 2022

Prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, in court: I ran away from home, I can’t take it anymore. I’m getting clobbered by the press

Prosecutor Mircea Negulescu stated on Monday, at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, that he “ran away from home” along with his family, being disconcerted by the media pressure put on him, and claimed he received threatening text messages from journalists.

“I’d have a lot to say about what has happened to me for the past year, ever since I’m under the spotlight of only certain [television] channels, and I know the reasons behind this media spotlight. Persons that are criminally probed have access – directly or via middlemen – to these television channels and control them. I’m not criminally prosecuted, detained or arrested. What has happened to me I wouldn’t wish it upon any magistrate. I took my wife and left Ploiesti. We left our home and left two cats there, which are looked after by someone. I’m disconcerted by what has happened to me. Television production trucks were parked outside the apartment block, were asking neighbours about me. My child has no fault his name is Negulescu. I ran away from home, I can’t take it anymore. Now I’m going to Ploiesti only in the evening, in order not to be seen. There’s media pressure on me, one that I wouldn’t wish upon any magistrate. Please excuse me for being highly emotional. I’m getting clobbered by the press. I’ve shut down my phone, because I received threatening text messages from journalists: let’s meet and talk,” Negulescu stated in court.

The statement was made as part of the court case in which Mircea Negulescu is asking the Supreme Court to cancel the Supreme Magistracy Council’s (CSM) decision to suspend him from the office of prosecutor.

Negulescu’s lawyer stated that CSM’s decision to suspend the prosecutor was “illegal and unjust.”

“The CSM’s suspension decision is illegal. On February 17-28, Negulescu was on leave, and on February 17 he received a phone call notifying him he was sent a sealed envelope containing a subpoena from the CSM. He came to know the contents of the envelope only on March 1, when he went to the office and when the CSM decision was already taken. Never have I seen a decision as unjust as this one. His right to work and the right to choose his profession was violated,” the lawyer added.

The High Court of Cassation will make a ruling in this case.

On February 28, the CSM’s Section for Prosecutors decided to suspend prosecutor Mircea Negulescu, transferred from DNA Ploiesti to the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Campina Court. The suspension decision was taken until a disciplinary action is definitively settled.

After audio recordings allegedly featuring prosecutor Mircea Negulescu were leaked to the press, the Judicial Inspection took notice of the situation, ex officio, on February 15.

Negulescu is one of the prosecutors who handled, at DNA Ploiesti, the Ponta-Ghita-Blair case.

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