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October 23, 2021

Seidler bows out of USR Presidency race

Save Romania Union (USR) Vice President Cristian Seidler announced on Monday that he bows out of the race for the party’s presidency, complaining that the rules on whose basis the party conference was organised were not uniformly applied throughout the country, in the sense that the selection of delegates was not made based on the same rules across all party branches.

In a statement for News.ro, Cristian Seidler explained his withdrawal from the race for the USR leadership by stating there were irregularities in the way the party conference was organised.

“I’m bowing out of the race because the rules concerning the way the party conference was organised were not implemented uniformly at the level of the entire country. I’m talking about different internal voting systems that will have been implemented, and I’m pleading for the same voting system [being used] everywhere. I’m referring to the voting system used in designating the delegates at the party conference,” Seidler stated for News.ro.

Asked whether certain party branches or persons were favoured to the detriment of others, the USR Vice President said it is all about the principle.

“Before anything, it’s a problem of principle in my view. That it would’ve been to my benefit, that it would’ve been to my detriment, this is already an issue that pertains to technicality, to the result. The problem is one of principle, of implementing the same rules everywhere in the country,” he said.

Seidler pointed out he did everything in his power for things not to reach this point, but he was not heeded inside the party.

Likewise, Cristian Seidler said he will remain a member of USR and the party’s vice president and that he took the decision to bow out of the race for the party presidency on Monday morning.

“The party conference must go on; the party must elect a president. I hope that after the conference we’d return to doing what we promised the electorate we would do: we promised to be a very strong voice against a corrupt political class and we promised we will develop local and national public policies that would show, very concretely and in detail, the direction that Romania should take in our view, the solutions we see to the problems of Romanian society,” Seidler added.

In his opinion, USR’s biggest problem at this moment is some party branches’ very weak public involvement.

“Some of our branches have exemplary presence. Unfortunately, the same thing is not generalised at the level of the whole country. I always said this is what we must work on and this is what I will continue to work on,” the USR Vice President said.

USR’s extraordinary party conference for the election of a new party president, following Nicusor Dan’s resignation, will take place on Saturday, in Poiana Brasov. The party’s new president will be elected at the party conference, for a limited two-year term, with the members of the other leadership bodies set to remain those elected at the party conference in May.

Lower House lawmaker Dan Barna, who is also the spokesman of USR, and Senator Vlad Alexandrescu, former Minister of Culture, have remained in the race for the party’s leadership. They are both party vice presidents, elected in May.

Nicusor Dan resigned on June 1, because of the National Bureau’s decision that USR will oppose the Constitutional amendment bill. Nicusor Dan announced he will re-join the party only if the decision is dismissed by USR’s higher forums – the Political Council and the Party Conference.

Nevertheless, the decision that USR should oppose the amending of the Constitution’s definition of the family was upheld both by the Political Council and by an internal referendum organised in August.


USR acting president: I regret Cristian Seidler’s withdrawal, the same rules were applied at the Party Conference in Cluj


USR Acting President Elek Levente stated on Monday that he regrets USR Vice President Cristian Seidler’s withdrawal from the race for the party’s leadership, pointing out that the process of selecting the delegates is taking place in line with the decisions adopted by USR’s statutory bodies and with the rules that were also applied at the Party Conference in Cluj.

“I regret Cristian Seidler’s withdrawal from the competition for the USR presidency. Cristian could have been a valuable president for the party, provided he won the internal elections. Concerning the reason invoked by Cristian Seidler, I point out that the process of designating the delegates is taking place in line with the decisions taken by USR’s statutory bodies and of the rules applied at the Party Conference in Cluj too, unanimously accepted, unchallenged, and which led, at that time, to Nicusor Dan being elected USR President. This weekend’s party conference at Poiana Brasov will designate a new USR president, the party will enter a new stage of expansion and construction,” Elek Levente stated, according to a USR press release.



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