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May 10, 2021

Army Day celebrated at Monument of Romanian Heroes in Carei. PM Tudose reaffirms Govt’s commitment to unconditional partnership with Romanian Army

The Romanian Army Day was celebrated in Carei on Wednesday at the Glory to the Romanian Soldier Memorial Ensemble at a military and religious ceremony attended by Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea; Prime Minister Mihai Tudose and Defence Minister Mihai Fifor, along with local, county and military officials.

The event began with a present arms, the commander’s report and a flag salutation, followed by the playing of the national anthem of Romania by a military band and the military personnel participating in the ceremony.

An Invictus veterans’ relay handed over the flag of Romania to the officials after reenacting the march of Romanian Army at the end of WWII from Bucharest to Carei.

This was the first year in which the relay consisting of civilian and military volunteers traveled three routes, each of which had one of the three colours of the Romanian flag: the Iasi-Carei got the blue; the Bucharest-Carei route got the yellow, and the Craiova- Carei route got the red. The three relay teams convened on Wednesday for the Romanian Army Day ceremonies to bring together the three colours to complete the Romanian tricolour.

The event continued with a church service at the end of which Metropolitan Bishop of Transylvania Andrei Andreicut delivered a short message to the attendees.

The valour of the Romanian soldiers fallen in WWII was later mentioned in a speech of veteran Constantin Mancas, who highlighted the great responsibility incumbent on the soldiers now to defend the country’s borders.

An exciting moment of Wednesday’s events was the appearance of Adrian Chira, a five-year-old boy from Mures, who was dressed in military uniform, standing next to the prime minister throughout the ceremony. The boy lively recited a patriotic poem discovered on a soldier who died in WWII and then delivered the patriotic lines delivered by Sergeant Sevenbrothers in Romanian film “Noi, cei din linia întai” (The Last Assault) after the death of a comrade.

At the end of the ceremony, the boy, who had received an honorary soldier warrant from the Ministry of Defense in 2016, was rewarded with toys by Tudose and Dragnea. Asked if he wants to become president or prime minister one day, Adrian said he wants to be a general, because he loves the army. The prime minister’s reply to the boy’s words was a short one: “He is such a dear.”

The Wednesday’s ceremony included wreath-laying at the Romanian Heroes Monument by President Klaus Iohannis, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Liviu Dragnea, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose, Ministry of Defense, the Carei City Hall, the Satu Mare County Council, and the Christian Orthodox Bishopric of Maramures and Satu Mare.

The festivities ended with a parade of the participating troops, with the young boy at the front of the line.


PM Tudose reaffirms Govt’s commitment to unconditional partnership with Romanian Army


The Government of Romania has always been and will stay an unconditional partner to the Romanian Army, Premier Mihai Tudose said in a message on the National Army Day, where he expresses gratitude and praise to the Romanian troops “who ensure through sacrifice, courage and devotion the citizens’ security” and the country’s territorial integrity.

“‘No passing through here’ and ‘Together we are stronger’ are the Romanian Army’s signature mottos duly earned through sacrifice, courage and devotion. This year we celebrated 100 years since the Marasti, Marasesti and Oituz spectacular victories that have changed Romania’s fate in World War I. One year later, in 1918, we were celebrating the Great Union of the Romanian nation. Today, 100 years on, Romania represents a pole of stability in the region, which is also visible in the trust and respect the Army enjoys among the Romanian citizens, as well as among our allies,” Mihai Tudose wrote on his Facebook page.

The Premier adds that the Romanian troops are “highly appreciated during NATO missions, which contributes to increasing their prestige. This is clear evidence, if any more was needed, that the Romanian Army has important resources to ensure national security,” Tudose notes.

The Prime Minister underscores that at the same time, Romania has proven that it is an important NATO member, an ally well-appreciated for its professionalism, that respects its commitments.

“The allocation of 2 percent of GDP for defence is a reality that has opened new opportunities for our country. First of all, we have put behind important stages for the revival of the defence industry. We already signed cooperation protocols between the government and large weapons manufacturers that come to invest in Romania complete with technology transfer. Secondly, we come to the support of the army by ensuring military equipment of the latest generation. The government of Romania has been, is and will further be an unconditional partner to the Romanian Army. Today, October 25, as we celebrate Army Day, I want to express my gratitude and appreciation for the Romanian troops who ensure through their sacrifice, courage and devotion, the citizens’ security and the country’s territorial integrity,” Tudose concludes.

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