Victor Ponta: I personally heard Liviu Dragnea begging Kovesi and Coldea to help him out with this criminal dossier

Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook that he personally heard Liviu Dragnea “begging” Laura Kovesi and Florian Coldea to help him get rid of his criminal dossier, and challenged the PSD President to a televised face-off on this topic.

“I’ve decided to say what most PSD members and voters are thinking – that Liviu Dragnea and the “Teldrum Cartel” have confiscated the Party and are using it solely for their personal power, money and protection before the law / that he has abandoned all promises from the Campaign Platform and is destroying Romania economically and socially / that Grindeanu, Tudose, Tutuianu, Teodorovici and anyone who dares not to blindly carry out the orders of the “Cartel” immediately becomes a spook, a traitor, a rag – being dragged into Dragnea’s gutter!

“I’ve decided to leave this “Gutter,” to tell the truth and to offer an alternative for all those disappointed with and humiliated by Dragnea!

“Because he has neither the courage nor the arguments to answer me, Liviu Dragnea orders his PRM buffoons, and the press lackeys he pays, to stroll from television channel to television channel and to try to drag me back into the gutter, spreading horrible lies according to which I was making criminal dossiers for PSD colleagues!!!

“The truth is easy to find out by anyone who isn’t paid by Dragnea to be stupid – my father-in-law was unjustly probed in 2014, my brother-in-law arrested, my mother and sister raided, my wife investigated, I lost my office of PSD President and Premier and I’m showing up at the ICCJ [High Court of Justice] each month, being harassed by Uncheselu and Portocala!!!

“So, I don’t have to explain to anyone that I never made dossiers – I only have to explain to the members of my family why they had to suffer unjustly just as many people from PSD or from public life did!

“I defended my PSD colleagues both when they were right and when they weren’t! I asked to testify in favour of Liviu Dragnea in the Referendum Case and I did / I paid a high price in 2014, when Iohannis came up with the list of “lawbreaking” PSD leaders I didn’t want to distance myself from! Maybe this was my mistake?!?

“I’ve personally seen and heard only one PSD colleague begging Kovesi and Coldea to help him out with his criminal dossier – Liviu Dragnea!!! And while he was fighting for himself, of course he wasn’t mentioning any of the abuses against other colleagues – never! Because that’s how Liviu is – he is the only one who matters!

“I don’t want to talk about these things because I’m sorry for all those who voted for us and have other expectations from us – and I don’t want to get back into the “Gutter” with Dragnea!

“But Liviu, if you insist, let’s have a face-off at Dana Grecu, on Antena3, for me to give them the details, what say you?” Victor Ponta wrote on Facebook.

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