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May 20, 2022

Before SRI Cttee, Putura talks about “Cover” method used to allocate cases to certain panels of judges. Manda: He presented a list of High Court judges who are close to the establishment

Former Justice Ministry Secretary of State Ovidiu Putura has presented the “Cover” method used to allocate court cases to certain “desired” panels of judges, SRI Oversight Committee Chairman Claudiu Manda (photo) stated on Tuesday.

“Mr Putura explained what’s with the “random” allocation, if we corroborate with the case of judiciary dossiers, how it’s done via computer and he explained pretty clearly how the court clerk can allocate certain dossiers to a certain panel of judges. He explained how they can go, at least in the case of pre-trial arrests, knowing which panels are ready, and in this sense they can arrive precisely on the date of… to end up at a certain panel,” Manda said.

“He also explained the “Cover” method. We asked a series of questions, eventually we managed to understand what he meant by the “Cover” method and how this “random” allocation of dossiers to certain panels of judges can end up precisely where desired,” Manda added.

He added that Putura also presented a list of High Court of Cassation and Justice (ICCJ) judges who are close to the “establishment.” “He presented a list of – in his opinion – persons, High Court judges, whom he considers to have close relations with the establishment, not making a very clear statement whether we are talking about the prosecutor’s offices area or the intelligence area. There’s a list I won’t present. We cannot present in the public space only Mr Putura’s statement, without these things being verified,” Manda said.

According to Manda, Putura also made statements about the Adrian Severin case. “He told us he knows about the case of Mr Adrian Severin. The latter was allegedly shown an intelligence report long before a case was opened, with the purpose that that case and those charges allegedly didn’t have a juridical effect, but only a media effect, something he says he knows from Mr Severin and which allegedly happened, and this case was allegedly closed a fairly short while ago,” Manda said.

At the same time, Manda also added that Putura brought up Nicusor Constantinescu’s case, whom he considers to be similar to his.

“He said he came to know of a similar case, the case of Mr Nicusor Constantinescu, in which he says there is [sic] an intervention during his court hearing, when a SRI officer allegedly went and talked to the judge on the court hearing day. It remains for us to prove whether Mr Constantinescu testimony is true,” Manda added.

Putura was heard by the SRI Committee for five hours. He was previously heard, for three hours, a week ago. Back then, he stated a great part of the ministers in office from 2012 to 2016 had their conversations tapped based on national security warrants.

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