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December 10, 2022

PNL’s Predoiu about the Justice Laws: PSD and ALDE are trying to commit in Justice a murder with unknown author

National Liberal Party (PNL) MP Catalin Predoiu criticized on Wednesday the coalition’s intention to amend the Justice Law, explaining that the first step should be harmonizing the Codes with the decisions issued by the Constitutional Court (CCR), and then the normative acts regulating the judiciary should be revised.

“After this day, it’s pretty clear to us that PSD and ALDE are trying to commit in Justice amurder with unknown author. Nobody assumes the political responsibility for the draft law amending the Justice Laws, it is technically drafted by the Ministry and it is pushed in Parliament without assuming any liability for those solutions. In judiciary, the emergency is to calm the relations between the institutions and to make a certain effort of the Minister to be a mediator between CSM and the Public Ministry, in order to calm down all the conflicts in the judiciary and to be able to handle the real problems of the system. The legislative emergency is not given by the Justice Laws, but by amending the Codes in order to harmonize them with the Constitutional Court’s decisions and the EU Directive on the processual guarantees and rights” Catalin Predoiu stated.

The former Justice Minister said that changing a mechanism without finding out what its situation is, is like a surgery on a patient without prior medical investigations.

“The first thing to do is a dialogue that the Minister should have with CSM and the Public Ministry, in order to calm down all these conflicts between institutions. Secondly: the amendments on the Codes should be finalized in Parliament so that they will be harmonized with the CCR decisions. The Ministry should finalize the audit on judiciary announced by Minister Toader when he was appointed, and only after all these things are solved, the Justice Laws should be amended. This is the natural order, not the things that PSD is trying to do today. It’s like you destroy a house to get a brick from that house” Predoiu added.


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