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December 7, 2022

Congratulatory message of Romania’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Our common vital goal is to overcome the challenges facing our region and Europe as a whole, through a better coordination of our views and actions

On the celebration of the National Day of the Czech Republic, on the 28th of October, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs warmly extends the warmest and sincerest congratulations to the Czech people.

Romania and the Czech Republic share the same significance of their National Days: it was at the end of 1918 when both Romanians and Czechs accomplished their historical desideratum of establishing independent and democratic states. Since the landmark moment of 1918, the two countries have faced common major challenges that marked their general evolution and development. Moreover, the last century witnessed times with deep significance for the Romanian-Czech ties.

Our countries have always had very good relations, based upon solidarity and friendship. During the Second World War, the Romanian armed forces have contributed to the liberation of the Czechoslovak territory. Romania stood firm against Czechoslovakia’s invasion during the Prague Spring, in 1968.

Furthermore, in the recent history, Romania and the Czech Republic have shared similar experience in the transition from a totalitarian regime to democracy. It is important to mention the Czech support for Romania’s accession to the EU and NATO.

The economic exchanges between Romania and Czech Republic have increased constantly in the last years, exceeding in 2016 the level of 3 billion Euros, similar to the Czech investments, which are situated on the 10th place among the foreign investors in Romania. There is still much potential yet to be turned into account in our relationship and we strongly believe that the current situation of the two countries – the positive developments in both our economies in the recent years are a solid basis for enhancing the bilateral cooperation.

And we should not forget that one of the most important developments is connected to the people-to-people contacts, which are always the driving force of any bilateral relation. “The Golden City” of Prague attracts more and more Romanian tourists, while the Czechs have begun to rediscover the beauty of Romanian mountains and landscapes. We are confident that our ties, particularly in the tourism and business sectors, will further continue to strengthen.

Another argument that certifies our special bond consists of the people who live among us: the Czechs in Romania and the Romanians in the Czech Republic. These communities with their everyday life and work contribute to the economic development and cultural enrichment of both societies and form an important bridge between our countries.
The cooperation in the regional, European and international fora complement these positive dynamics of the Czech-Romanian political and economic bilateral relations. The generous multilateral framework has the ability to potentiate our bilateral cooperation in various fields. Romania and the Czech Republic are partners in the European Union and allied countries within NATO, sharing common values and democratic principles, promoting together the objectives of security and defense and ensuring prosperity for the citizens of both countries. Our common vital goal is to overcome the challenges facing our region and Europe as a whole, through a better coordination of our views and actions, as well as consolidating the European Union.

Reaffirming Romania’s commitment to broaden and deepen the cooperation with the Czech Republic in the years to come, we join in celebrating this special day and convey to the Czech people our warmest wishes.

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