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November 18, 2019

Meteorologists issue Orange Code alert for strong winds snowy blizzards

An Orange Code alert for strong winds, snowy blizzards and thick snow layer, has been issued for the mountainous regions of the country, effective starting from Sunday morning, 10.00 EEST.

According to the National Meteorological Administration, on Sunday (October 29th) and Monday (October 30), in the mountainous areas, the wind will blow strongly, with speeds to exceed 80/90 km/h, up to 100/120 km/H. The same regions will be facing snowy blizzards, with visibility expected to temporarily drop below 50 m and a thick layer of snow to form.

Moreover, in the northern and northern-western areas a Yellow Code alert has been issued for strong winds, thermal discomfort and mixed precipitations.

Wind will continue to blow strongly until Monday night, 23.00 EEST, in all the regions, with speeds between 55-70 km/h and locally 75/85 km/h.

In the western, central and northern regions, on extended areas, there will be rain and also mixed precipitations in the night between Sunday and Monday (October 29/30), in Maramures, Transilvania and hilly area in Crisana and Moldova.

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