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February 5, 2023

Murat Demiray, Chairman of the Association of the Turkish Businessmen from Romania (TIAD): TIAD, an active player in the development of the economic, trade, cultural and social relation between Romanian and Turkey

It is a great pleasure as the President of the TIAD (Turkish Businessmen Association Of Romania) Board to celebrate the National Day of Turkey with our Romanian friends.

There exists a very close historical and cultural relationship between Turkey and Romania, and even much closer trade, commercial and economic links between two countries. This is  closely witnessed by the large Turkish community and businesses which are long-established in Romania.

TIAD has over the years become one of the main and leading contributors to extend and expand these links.  Established in 1993 as a non-profit organization aiming to assist the Turkish businessmen investing and trading in Romania, TIAD aims to be an active player in the development of the economic, trade, cultural and social relations between Romania and Turkey.

We publish biannual Investment Guides, both in Turkish and English, presenting Romania as a market for businesses and investments, providing information on trade and investment legislation and procedures, banking and insurances systems, economic developments, Romanian-Turkish relations and Romania’s position as a member of the European Union. This guide is submitted to Turkish institutions and businessmen associations and to Turkish investors and entrepreneurs looking for opportunities to trade or invest in Romania. TIAD is also translating in Turkish language the main laws governing trade land social legislation and regulations.

Having in mind that many Turkish businessmen have also acquired Romanian citizenship and are living here with their families, we also organize numerous cultural and social events, as well as together with Turkish organizations and Unions of Chambers of Commerce, business forums, fairs and exhibitions and other events with the aim to contribute to the  development of bilateral commercial ties.

TIAD is an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania, a member of the Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry. TIAD-Dobrogea is also a member of the Constanta Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

TIAD is also a member of the Union of the Romanian Employers (ACPR), European Turkish Businessmen Association (TIDAF) (playing an important role as vice-President and the Head of the Balkan Area), Union of Black Sea and Caspian Sea Confederation of Enterprises (UBCCE) (as a constituent in cooperation with ACPR), Association of Turkish Industrialists and Businessmen (TUSIAD), Turkish Association of Employers (TISK) and with most active non-governmental organizations from the 18 countries from Black Sea and Caspian Sea region.

Turkish businessmen were among the first foreigners to be present on the Romanian market after the 1989 revolution, opening up businesses and looking for investments. Although the official figures are not impressive as direct foreign investments, the real Turkish investments are much bigger due to several investments made by Turkish companies owned by Turkish business people from Western Europe. Turkish businessmen invested in many sectors in the Romanian economy and a lot of Turkish capital and Romanian/Turkish capital are located in practice in majority of Romanian counties. The biggest investments are in industrial sector, including durable goods, auto industries, metal industry, construction, banking and leasing, furniture and wood industries, agriculture, health , tourism, and media.

We consider the present business environment as friendly and appealing. We had various meetings and debates with Romanian institutions – governmental and non-governmental – presenting the positive and negative aspects of the legislation to put the business climate on a permanent positive evolution, stability and predictability.

Therefore we are glad to observe the evolution in the last years, mainly to see the measures taken in the fiscal legislation, taxation, and ease of bureaucracy. We believe that Romania will become even more attractive for foreign investors.

We are proud to celebrate the Turkish National Day and Romanian-Turkish friendship in this joyous day. I thank Nine O’Clock for giving this opportunity to share our message.

You may reach us at www.tiad.ro or tiad@tiad.ro; info@tiad.ro

Facebook: www.facebook.com/tiadromanya

Twitter: www.twitter.com/RTiad

Instagram: www.instagram.com/tiadromanya


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