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January 27, 2022

Orban: PNL categorically rejects all fiscal aberrations presented by Minister Misa. We’ll notify the CCR

National Liberal Party (PNL) President Ludovic Orban stated at a press conference on Friday that the party he leads “categorically rejects all the fiscal aberrations that Minister Misa presented,” and pointed out that the Liberals will challenge these modifications at the Constitutional Court of Romania (CCR).

“PNL categorically rejects all the fiscal aberrations that minister Misa presented after the Government meeting. The PSD Government has built a house, but it hasn’t built the foundation. After it built the house, it realised that the chances of building the foundation are very slim and is trying to resort to all kinds of subterfuges and gimmicks, but the only result of these fiscal experiments conducted on Romanians will be that they will demolish the house, that they will put the economy on the stocks,” Orban said.

He also said that “PSD, without having any kind of medical knowledge, is trying to operate on a patient, a healthy patient, and is trying to operate on him using not laparoscopic interventions but the locksmith’s kit, namely a hack saw, a churn drill, a hammer. You can imagine the result, and this will be the result of the stupid interventions made by these economic illiterates on the Romanian economy,” the PNL leader added.

Ludovic Orban claimed that all fiscal measures announced by the Government will have negative consequences on the economy and on all social categories in Romania, especially on those social categories “that were lied to during the elections campaign and were made big promises.”

The PNL President pointed out that the results of transferring the contributions from the employer to the employee will be negative for both public sector incomes and private sector incomes.

“In the public sector, although the employees were promised a salary hike of 25 percent, only the gross salaries will be hiked by 25 percent, while the net hike will be just 4 percent. (…) In the private sector, had they not announced the so-called solidarity tax of 2.25 percent, employers wouldn’t have had to pay anything to maintain the current net salaries. Against the backdrop of the introduction of this stupid tax, private sector companies will have to pay more in order to maintain the net salary,” Orban added, pointing out that the cost of labour will grow.

Likewise, he said the 1 percent turnover tax on micro-enterprises represents a novelty and the result will be negative for most enterprises.

Ludovic Orban emphasised that Romania is the first country in Europe that places on the shoulders of the employee the full payment of contributions. At the same time, he claimed this is not a hiking of the minimum salary like Government members announced but the transfer of contributions on the employee’s shoulders.

“Likewise, we categorically reject the lowering of the contribution for Pension Pillar II from 5.1 to 3.7 percent. This drop represents theft from the citizen’s money, represents an attack on the chance of the Romanians who are active today and who contribute to Pension Pillar II to benefit from a decent pension when they retire, one that would not depend on the Government members’ whim but solely on the private fund managers’ ability to make these funds profitable. The drop is contrary to the commitments taken when Pillar II was set up,” the PNL leader added.

Orban announced that the Liberals will ask the Ombudsman to challenge at the CCR the ordinances that the Government will issue. “Likewise, in case the ordinances are adopted, even if Mr Ciorbea, with a hiked salary, won’t bother to challenge them at the CCR, we’ll challenge at the CCR the laws adopting these ordinances, in case we won’t be able to prevent their adoption,” the PNL leader added.

Ludovic Orban also announced that next week the PNL will table within the Senate a simple motion against the Finance Minister.

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