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June 25, 2022

Pollywood – political actors and ham actors

In discursive or textual political expression, the term “political actor” is fairly often seen and used to define not so much a person or group of persons from this or that sphere of the political scene but especially a certain kind of behaviour in the role they play in one of the ongoing political acts.

It so happens that some of these political actors are more talented and more in touch with the roles assigned to them. And it also happens, extremely rarely and absolutely accidentally, that very few of them are born under a lucky star and their natural-born talent transforms them into veritable sacred monsters of the political scene. However, most of them remain at the level of extras and ham actors of this world.

A typical case and demonstration of this kind of political ham actor was seen the other day in the person of none other than “the great statesman” Mr Sorin Grindeanu (photo).

Nine months ago, Sorin Grindeanu was playing the role of his life as political actor.

The resounding failure of the first PSD-ALDE Government and of one of the many scenes of fighting, war and conquest from the sitcom that PSD has become, is definitively and unfortunately linked to Sorin Grindeanu’s name.

After only a few months of doubtful governance under the shadow of PSD’s great leader, Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu became overnight, as Liviu Dragnea was saying at the time of the great governmental crisis and crisis of Mr Grindeanu’s political identity, public enemy number one for the whole Romanian Left and especially for Romania and its proper functioning.

A politically turbulent and undisciplined element. A veritable rebel without a cause sitting at the helm of a Government. A man who not only did not see fit to leave dignifiedly and silently from the position of head of the governmental team when the leader of the Left imperiously asked him to do so, but also resorted to a veritable media war abundantly featuring speeches as passionate and emotional as they were against Liviu Dragnea and his communist and oligarchical methods of abusing his power and position within the party in order to destabilise the country and to attain his infamous goals, shaking the whole Government to its core, decapitating it and generating a large-scale national political crisis without the slightest flinch or trace of regret and remorse.

That is just about how things were presented to us and how Sorin Grindeanu’s image was painted 9 months ago.

Back then, the whole press roared, not so much because of the real problem behind the great governmental crisis, but especially in relation to the profound and unjust political stoning and victimisation of Sorin Grindeanu.

A great part of the press and of Romanians saw in the Premier – who fell out of grace and was dethroned overnight and also excluded from PSD and sent on a trek in the political wilderness on the trail of his forbearers, his brothers in pain (not necessarily equal in political stature and deeds) – a veritable hero. A great statesman whose path and wings were broken precisely when he was getting ready to take Romania to the apex of glory.

Short and tragic role and political career, one might say. Apparently. Only apparently.

And I say apparently because, as can be seen and seen again, in politics everything is an appearance. Consequently, the same Sorin Grindeanu recently emerged or, more precisely put, re-emerged at the forefront of the Romanian political scene.

However, this time, political actor Sorin Grindeanu was assigned a different role and another script to perform. Now, Sorin Grindeanu no longer plays the role of a demolisher of governments, dangerous for the stability and security of the Romanian state. In the meantime, politician Sorin Grindeanu has become an… independent! A regular citizen, pure as a lily and as meritorious as possible. Consequently, PSD’s powers that be (the same that politically humiliated and sacrificed him just 9 months ago) are now offering independent Sorin Grindeanu, with great generosity and confidence, one of the most important and strategic positions in the state’s institutional hierarchy. That of President of the National Authority for Management and Regulation in Communications (ANCOM)!

Yes, I know. The way the political world can transform a heap of garbage into one of gold, any loser into a winner and any evil into a path toward something better is absolutely unbelievable.

I’m firmly convinced, many Romanians are asking themselves how is it that after a huge political scandal erupting for entirely absurd reasons, which threw Romania into a crisis for several weeks and months, things are basically brushed off several months after that event. And the one who back then appeared to be responsible for the whole disturbance and for all the far from negligible consequences that the Romanian state has had to bear as a result of the political instability and economic confusion created is whitewashed, cosmeticized and brought back through the door leading to the treasure, so normally and naturally as if nothing ever happened.

And Sorin Grindeanu is only one of the many examples of this type that have walked around the Romanian politics of the last two decades and will continue to do so in the decades to come.

Certain political characters are used by other political characters to create diversions and to distract the public opinion’s attention away from the true problems of essence. Not few and, in fact, increasingly grave.

It’s like in that kids’ game – ‘the donkey.’ A player is selected, whom the other players kick, taunt and provoke, running away from him/her so as not to be caught by the donkey. Whoever is caught ends up being the donkey in his/her turn. But, in the end, the sweets are distributed equally to all those who took part in the game.

Sorin Grindeanu willingly accepted the role of scapegoat sacrificed on the altar of the ruthless god of power. Because, as can be perfectly seen, in politics there is that silent promise, nevertheless always carefully and exactly observed, which says that, after all, the head that bows is not cut off. And the last will be the first.

Nevertheless, the less convenient or easy to overlook part in this whole story remains the one in which the Romanian collective memory is amazingly willing to allow itself to be fooled, disassembled and reassembled each time in the same manner by the same actors cast in a film in which, in fact, we are all actors, producers, co-screenwriters and co-directors.

The only difference is the moment the winners are selected and the awards are conferred.

At least until now, I personally do not remember the Romanian Pollywood ever nominating the Romanian people and the Romanian state as the winner of the great awards of the year.



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