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March 8, 2021

Opposition tables unqualified motion against FinMin Misa in Senate

The Senate groups of the opposition National Liberal Party (PNL), People’s Movement Party (PMP) and Save Romania Union (USR) on Tuesday tabled an unqualified motion against Finance Minister Ionut Misa (photo) called “Minister Misa’s finance talk – a bad film about bankruptcy with free access,” according to session chair Claudiu Manda.

He specified that the motion was signed by 39 PNL, PMP and USR senators.

“Given that the unqualified motion meets the form requirements, it will follow the natural constitutional, legal and regulatory route,” Manda said.

The motion will be debated on the next Monday, in the Senate’s plenary session.

“The price increases of the fuels, electricity, gas and loans don’t need to be translated into Romanian by the Minister Misa’s <<financier>>. They can be seen by the naked eye, we can feel them in our pockets. The current left-wing government in our country managed, in just ten months, to squeeze Romania’s budget by making populist expenses, to kill the investments and to take Romania out from the European Union with one foot, due to overcoming the commitments related to the budget deficit”, reads the simple motion drafted by PNL and signed by USR and PMP, too.

Liberals claim that the implementation of the governing program with which PSD won the elections caused economic imbalances hard to be removed, and the economic growth which is totally based on consumption, has already shown its costs.

The signatories of the motion denounced the fiscal chaos caused by the PSD-ALDE Governments, the increase of the structural expenses with salaries, without productivity increases, the decrease of the public investments, the decrease of the tax collections, the budget deficit which is out of control, the rising inflation, the negative reactions of the investors, the spoliation of the state companies and the attacks against multinationals and banks.

“The bankrupt practice of PSD-ALDE can be interrupted only in two ways: either by a coherent political action of the current opposition, which will sanction the Government’s behavior in the tax field; or through an economic and financial crisis which is unavoidable in such conditions, which would shake Romania from the ground. By this motion, we suggest you the first way, the responsible one, by which some mistakes of the current government can still be corrected”, also wrote the Liberals in the simple motion.

The signatories of the document demand an eight-measure package to the PM Mihai Tudose, including Ionut Misa’s dismissal as the Finance Minister, the decrease of the budget deficit, fiscal stability and predictability, protection for Romanian enterprises and capital, the reduction of the taxes on the workforce, the encouragement of the direct investments, the decrease of the expenses with salaries and social care, as well as starting important public investment projects financed by the state budget and the EU budget.

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